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just making a blip on the radar. I'm alive and i realized that after my last entry things got insanely crazy. i had to move stuff around and then all this other stuff happened. my friend came back from europe early and decided that after declaring his love for this girl, who rejected him, where he then proceeded to go to paris for the rest of his trip, decides that he wants to bar hop and he doesn't drink. the world is strange i know.

i also came to a few realizations in my life. some things u can change, and some things u can't, and some things are just left up in the air and i'm wondering where i'm suppose to go, which direction i'm suppose to go in. sigh. confusion. I took way too many pictures, and my flickr is seriously working for it. i'm sure they're about to send me an email to tell me i'm over my limit. Insanely over my limit.

Watched Dirty Love again, which was funny. My white pony is at the glue factory by now. Watched forgetting sarah marshal which is all about male nudity. Thumbs up on that. Saw death race drunk which was a good thing, otherwise i would have seriously been wondering why i was there in the first place. food porn, food porn, god i have a lot of food porn its not even funny.

Having issues with selling out and doing what I want. problem is i don't honestly know what i want anymore. for some reason i filmed myself on camera doing reviews on a few new products i tried. then i realized who the hell is going to want to watch my ass? Does my voice really sound like that? Not sure if i want to put it on youtube or just here instead. then again i'm starting to get a collection of trolls.

so much is going on, so much stuff to filter through it feels like my head is going to fucking explode.

I'll be blogging more after monday, lots of pics and i hope ppl are amused by pics and stuff. in the meantime here are some more pics...

cause i'm a moocher!


Rorschach chocolate

cause i think it reminds me of the Rorschach ink tests, as well as Rorschach chocolate from watchmen, which is a fucking awesome comic! anyways hope you had a fun weekend. i have to find a floor length dress for some black tie wedding. wtf. who has black tie weddings anymore?

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xppinkx said...


i have some major ketchup to do on this blog lady...i have been super busy with being a lazy fuck...

prey why is our life so dramatic...i need some drama in my life so i can hear myself talk...and seriously you need to post those videos...i suggest you upload them to google...i don't think id ever post my vids up on youtube...anyone can find me!!! like my boss who has an asian fetish...

Who has been trolling! man...i had a anon call me a "bitch Fo sho"because i said 5 year olds are usless...and should be used for slaves...what is wrong with that...i think u agree with me completely!...high five...who the hell uses "Fo sho" what a fuck tard...

i find Godiva stuff to taste


Vanessa said...

damn that drink looks good and I agree with you there are just some things you can change and others you just can' can be quite frustrating esp. when it comes to people. Naively I think I can change