Arepas Bar

no more being in a funk. Here's some food porn. Cause I know you all love the food porn. So a few weeks ago, I can't remember exactly when, I went to Caracas Arera Bar I heard about this place on Food TV. Bobby Flay who's a dirty ginger, has this show called throwdown, where he challenges people with his mediocre southwestern cuisine. Yes Bobby Flay has a restaurant, and yes i've been there but quite honestly, his food is ok, but not ok for the prices, hence why i only go there during restaurant week.

So you're probably wondering what an arepa is. Its a is a corn-based bread from the northern Andes in South America. You sometimes see them in street fairs but they're usually filled with cheese and stuff. Anyways these two ladies had a throwdown with Bobby Flay the dirty ginger and won of course. So being that their food was that much better, I had to see for myself.

there it is, its really small and a hole in the wall. They have a to go walk in area that's the same size and just as small and crowded!

i sat next to this monkey on the wall. He's so staring at me!

the decor inside

the ceiling, yes its metal

bobble heads!

hmmm ice tea, in a cute jar cup thing

ceviche special of the day. it was quite good, and light and refreshing. the cucumber makes it refreshing, instead of the heavy lemon citrus i'm used to in ceviche.

it came with plantains and mojito. That's garlic, a ton of garlic!

my special arepa of the day. Beef and cheese and guacamole. SO GOOD!

this is an arepa with shredded bee and cheddar cheese. it was quite yummy as well!

the side view. Yummy! the arepa itself is crispy around the ends and not chewy near the middle. its pretty much just right!

Flan! Quesillo as its' called, Venezuelan flan with cheese, very dense.

omg its got pores! hee hee.

coffee. it was very smooth, and i was surprised. milk and sugar and that's it. very smooth and a wonderful way to end the meal.

It was a great meal and the arepas were like 7 bucks I think. pretty affordable and the staff was friendly and nice. And they move fast in that small area. People waiting on line are eager to get in and ready to order. Definitely worth checking out. But again its really small in there.

more food porn coming up. so backed up on that.

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Fei said...

Yay! No more funk!

xppinkx said...


this place is good and cheap...and its a hole in the wall...but i love the fact this tiny little shit space uses huge maison jars for drinks...when i wenr it was packed...we had to sit at the bar...

Tammy said...

YUM! YUM! YUM!! I am so going there soon..maybe next for the porn!