too colorful

looking at lines and lines of code is not exactly fun. i am not a programmer, i am someone that knows how to program, but totally hates it and tries to do things within reasonable means, meaning i'm not gonna go sit there and code from scratch. *shudders* with that said, the freelance i'm working designs were too colorful, geez, why is it that I keep getting that? too colorful, too much, its not serious, we want it to look like these 2 sites with a simple color scheme like this site. so you want me to fuse 3 sites into one for you? ugh, talk about sucking. i hate having to tone down stuff or make it look boring, i really hate that. its like wtf? i went to design school, i'm suppose to be creative and colorful! I'm so not cut out for this. i can't be boring, and cookie cutter bland. Sigh. Part of me seriously wants to just sell out and work for corp america, yes work for the man, just sell out, go work in some damn conservative office wearing button down shirts, and knee length skirts, pushing paper around endlessly, sounds drab I know. but hell its 9-5 and it pays, and at the end, I can pay off my bills and just travel. Ok as you can tell I seriously need a vacation, and I need to get out of here. so temping isn't that bad, selling out temporarily that is.

still diggin my new digs. been exploring the area and zomg i'm being a stupid tourist now! LOL! but not as stupid as most tourists are here. i'm seriously gonna rant about how stupid they are around ground zero but we all know that i hate kids, hate tourists and hate all stupid ppl. and you wonder why i'm so mad.

the courtyard area of finance ppl, so shiny i know

shiny building near where i'm chilling

walking past ground zero, how many tourists are here today?

tourists climbing on the fence to look in

this describes my current mood

look its a bull, and that stupid tourist got in my pic! for some reason the balls on the bull are very shiny which means ppl love to rub and touch it! bunch of pervy tourists!

the sphere by Fritz Koenig, it originally stood in front of the wtc, i remember taking a pic of it when i was 5 or 6, it was in the middle of this water fountain too. now when i see it, its kinda sad, but also endearing in that it survived. the artist himself was there to oversee the building of the new base for it, and it took a couple of engineers and metal smiths to make the base for it.

so this is me in front of the sphere, now i just have to find that pic of me when i was 5. it was sunny that day and i look super pale.

its that dude's waterfalls, but it wasn't that impressive

ghettoness in the park, its not a public pool, its a water fountain, not for you to be running through it. that may be ok where you're from but its not ok here

a funny merchant marine memorial. ok its not suppose to be funny, but i found it to be ok?

I found Jeff Koon's balloon flower (red)

its so shiny!

me infront of his balloon flower. yes i'm being a damn tourist! lol!

Now i just have to wear a fanny pack, wear ugly shoes with the velcro or crocs walk amazingly slow and stop suddenly when walking and then point to random things like look, lamp! look! street sign! Look! pigeon! Look homeless person!

its a nice park

so tom i think i'm gonna head over to century 21, which is a bad idea in itself, mingling with the retarded people, but retail therapy always makes me feel better, plus there's a sephora there. plus i haven't left the apt since sunday working on this damn thing. i think some sun will make me feel better.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

oh i love century 21, find us some good deals!

SUGABUM said...

The balloon flower looks cool, and I like the merchant marine a weird way. OMG those waterfalls were so disappointing. Rubbing the bull's balls is supposed to bring good luck, so wall street stock brokers used to rub the balls for luck. I played NYC tourist this summer, too. It's kind of fun and weird at the same time. You visit different places and notice things that you usually wouldn't pay attention to. Dude, so what's that "secret" that you told me regarding your apartment that you said you'd blog about? I'm so curious! =)

alien man?! said...

ok,i love u to death and i respect your angst here but OMG your whole tourist rant CRACKED ME UP T_T you make them sound like farm pests, "ugh, there's a tourist there.. wait, another tourist! *shoots w/shotgun* damn pesky tourists!" so you're a graphic designer like kaye bee? awesome. i thought of getting in that field... still not sure