tapas tasting

Another tapas tasting, this time in a wine bar. yes a wine, bar, yes wtf is a wine bar? as opposed to a regular bar? Not much of a wine drinker but hey whatever. food is food right?

a dark wine bar

bottles on the wall

bad pineapple!

onto the food, shrimp in a pineapple, it was quite yummy

chicken kabobs

chicken and bacon with parmesan cheese

steak, roasted peppers, sauce on bread

tea sandwiches

strawberries with cream cheese like cheesecake with almond, quite yummy. the chocolate ones had mint

there was a uncomfortable moment there, cause it was 3 sisters helping out with the oldest sister's catering thing. and they had an argument, where they started cursing and getting loud. the middle sister was like calm down, meanwhile the wine bar was narrow and i'm trapped there going, omg i'm trapped here and i can't move, so uncomfortable. so that's what its like to do business with family.

food was tasty. there was an engagement party in the wine bar too, they had crappy food in tin foil, and their ppl were floating into our party, like wtf? who the fuck are you? why are you eatin OUR food? Cause your tin foil food sucks? too bad. They're passing around the stupid engagement book going would u like to sign it? like who the fuck is this skank? and you obviously don't belong on this side of the bar cause this is not your party. so !@#$ off!

more pics coming soon, i'm so doing the stupid touristy thing now.

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Fei said...

HAHA. I don't blame those peeps. I would've floated my way over to those strawberries if my only choice was something wrapped in foil. Hmm, I have a pineapple in the kitchen. I don't think my parents would appreciate dinner stuck to it though.