A slip!

Well not really. Here in NYC, I see a lot of things I don't want to see. A lot of them can be avoided as much. I never really understood why older ladies wore slips under their skirts. Until I saw the younger, uglier, generation run around with out them. *shudders*

I didn't really notice this trend until a few summers ago where EVERYONE was wearing a white skirt, a long flowy white skirt, made of some cheap light material that people on the street were selling for $10. They looked pretty on the display thing they had. And of course stupid women bought them up and wore them. And there started the problem.

(this is a huge exaggeration of course i found online)

Women would wear the se white skirts and not care that ppl saw EVERYTHING. Dear god, no one wants to see that black thong you're wearing lady, esp when you're like 40 years old and should know better! Likewise wearing a hot pink thong doesn't make you sexier esp when the free world sees it. I guess you get what you pay for. $10 worth of fabric doesn't really cover your tushy.

Wear a slip! Please! Do you you not have any shame? Seriously! Men don't want to see that! Unless you're a uber hot VS model, they really don't want to see it, nor do they want to see your cottage cheese ass!

Look it's a slip. Look you can wear one under your see through skirt and the world doesn't need to see your hot pink thong. I'm sure your man or woman appreciates you wearing a thong and looking sexy, but i'm sure they don't want the free world to see what they get.

I realize that slips these days are made with crappy nylon material, definitely not breathable. I can see why most ladies aren't for the whole wearing your granny's slip. But I am on the search for slips made of better materials, and I think most manufacturer's are catching on. Which is good, Afterall there is spanx..

But remember ladies that sometimes you do need to wear a slip if you're going to wear that dress or skirt that is see through. If you think its too hot to wear a slip under your skirt or dress then don't wear that one, wear a different one! duh! Common sense! Because above all else you are still a lady.

(damn Liz Taylor really works the slip don't she?)

Now there are those of you who say I can't wear a slip under my skirt, its a mini!

so you would rather walk around looking like this? Cmon, common sense! Wearing white makes it very obvious! Wearing black is only slightly less bright and obvious than the white, but then the world sees you're wearing black undies. The solution is rather simple, and yet women haven't caught on.

look at that! Its a boyshort! And guess what? They come in lots of different colors even flesh toned ones! WOW! Nowai! Course for you thong lovers they come in thongs, bikinis and all these other cuts. I like the boyshort cause it shows no visible panty line, since the line isn't on your butt!

look fleshtones! Remember ladies they are your friends! You don't want to be showing the world your undies, unless you're are VS model or training to be a pole dancer. Either which is fine career choice if you can carry it off. but for the rest of us with shame, we should cover up or at least not show off everything.

Food porn is coming! Have a great weekend ladies! And remember we're all ladies and should conduct and carry ourselves as one. :P

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Vanessa said...

Amen sister! I see that shit all the time esp. here at work, and I am like really??!! You are wearing WHITE for goodness sake! I like slips, it's like an extra layer of protection. :)

sophie said...


jie jie said...

LOL.. that's so funny. I suppose they don't look at themselves in the mirror before leaving, or they just don't care. I grew up in Philippines. So I was taught since my preteen days to wear slips whenever I wear a skirt, which was everyday since we had uniforms. It was in case the wind blew up the skirt, no one would see the undies.

ChyiX2 said...

I saw this 50 something overweight woman in a white dress and you could see her granny panties through the fabric. If I'm wearing dresses or skirts I ALWAYS wear a slip. No exception! They're quite comfy actually so I like them :)

SUGABUM said...

If you find the right slip, it can look super sexy! Panties are so hard for me to find. I'm too small for woman's XS (those things are HUGE I tell you!). I have to go to freakin teen stores to buy my panties. Even then I wear an XS. So sad.

xppinkx said...

SLIPS ARE FOR OLD GRANNIES that wear opaque tan nylons and have varicose veins!!!

i dont think i own a slip...and now that i think of it i don't have any sheer white skirts...and now that i think of it...maybe i should get some...so i can buy those opaque knee highs and rock them with some crocs...

what wrong with granny panties i have some i pull them out every once a month and they used to be white...


i'll stop!

MakeupByRenRen said...

LOL you crack me up...i do have a slip though...wish i didn't have to roll it ten times to get it to the right length but even I know you gotta wear a slip sometimes