my new digs

so i've re-located, and i'm living downtown, way down town, ok, i'm seriously way downtown, near wall street as i type this. Don't ask why. I'm so far downtown that I'm near ground 0 which i'm not sure if its a good or bad thing. the good thing is that there is a ton of security, cops and such walking around, and hell i feel safe, there's just a ton of suits walking around here chain smoking talking on their blackberrys. yes that was a long sentence with no punctuation. The bad news is that cause i'm right next to ground 0 there are about 10 million retarded tourists walking around here, as if times square wasn't bad enough right? ugh, i seriously am loosing patience with these retards, its not that hard to walk, and omfg why are you taking video? Ugh. I'm not down playing what happened here, but goddamnit! People live here, people still work here and we don't really need your dumbfuck ass from middle america walking at the speed of a turtle with mom, dad, grandpa in a cane, grandma in a wheelchair and ur 4 year old bratty kids in strollers clogging up our streets! Suits work here in the wall street area, time is money and you are totally in the way! Ugh! I have no patience left what so ever! are my new cable tv sigh...

living room area type thing



kitchen area

now my friends tell me this thing is called a stove and that food comes out of it, though i always thought that was the fridge

bathroom, so blue

phone downstairs to the doorman, no don't let those crazy ppl in!

I'm apparently living in the same building as the police commissioner kelly, no not gordan! We all saw how crappy commissioner gordan's house was in dark knight didn't we? damn they don't pay sgts well in gotham it seems. so i feel safe in that if police commissioner kelly lives here, then the cops will definitely come if needed.

i will be eating here a lot it seems, i like pastries and coffees and other little things, and they give you madelines...


hot chocolate.

strawberry rhubarb mouse thing, hell it was good!

and the empty shell, it was kinda dry so i didn't want to eat it further

look skin on my hot chocolate! ewie! that's what I said too!

and i realize this has been somewhat of a shallow and superficial post.

also, i interned for DC Comics when I was in grad school, they gave me free stuff since they didn't pay me. damn i got a lot of free stuff as you can see, and a discount on buying crap. i have to say the ppl at dc really like their jobs, and have way too much fun there. i saw them hang their wonderwoman figurines and other comic book heros from the ceiling of their office, cause they can. :P

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ainstein said...

nice! i like your place. it's nice and cozy =)

SUGABUM said...

oOooo....nice place! Dude, so you're gunna share some of your secret recipes with us now that you have your own kitchen, right!?! How much do you pay for rent, may I ask? I recently just found out how secretive people are about their salaries, so I don't know if people are the same with rent? Lol, sorry if I sound like an airhead...just curious how much you pay cause, boy, I reaaaally need to move out of my damn rat infested, rain-leaking-from-roof mom's place.

jie jie said...

what a neat and grown-up room. lol on the stove part... i'd be surprised if you don't use that often, since you obviously love food.

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh nice spot! i love your couch! i think i went to that financiers :) last year i stayed in club quarters hotel adjacent to wall street and had to go there every month for work...too bad i didn't know u then cuz then we could've food porned together :(

SUGABUM said...

Holy crap, you're BALLIN'!! I don't think San Francisco was ever that expensive, unless you wanted a super hooked up place, which most places weren't. When I lived in SF, I paid only $2990 for a brand new hooked up 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment with jacuzzi. Does your place have more than one bedroom? Fuck, NY is so expensive. I think I'll stay in Queens for the rest of my life, hahahaha. Or Long Island, or Jersey or some shit, hahaha. Ahh, I don't think I'll ever be able to afford that...I still got grad school ahead of me. *sigh* Why did I choose to study Psychology? So happy for you, though. I'm so jealous!