Don't you love weddings?

Isn't wedding season suppose to be over? I swear I thought most of my friends by now were already married, and if they're not, well then their parents are worried for them. Cause you know we're not getting any younger. hee hee. anyways went to a wedding this weekend out on long island. ugh. there was some drama and ghettoness to say the least.

If you're wondering, I wore my happy Betsey Johnson dress. yes it was so lovely and pretty, and I shall post a pic of that when i get it off my friend's camera. A lot of ppl complimented me on the dress cause it was in fact very pretty. Which is a good thing. course towards the end of the night, i ate so much, and drank so much i felt like a sausage.

flowers outside the venue

Anyways the previous wedding was leaving still, they were suppose to be out of there by 6, since our invitation told us to be there by six, but they were taking their sweet ass time. Moving out slowly, they see the other party there and they just graze along. it was a stupid long island family, who were oblivious to everyone and everything else. Ugh. then they were looking at my dress and asking me if it was a bridesmaid dress. ugh. no you fat ass, just because I'm not a fat cow like you who couldn't wear this dress and had to wear some cheesy cotton dress at dress barn because someone couldn't stop eating the whole bag of oreos, doesn't mean i'm wearing a bridesmaid dress. bridesmaids dresses are usually ugly and hideous anyway and my dress is neither. i saw what they were wearing and yeah, you should really try to make it to your pilates class and stop eating a whole bag of oreos. Just because you bought organic oreos at whole foods doesn't mean you should eat the entire bag!

So finally the stupid long island party leaves, ugh wearing crocs to a wedding is a NO NO! they make us wait in this dark area because they need to clean up and set up, when they should have been shoving that other party out the door!

dark piano

inside of piano, we played with it to see if it worked hee hee

then after standing there cause there was like 2 couches and a bunch of us, they told us to go into this other area, which was a bar.

we ordered some drinks and realized that it was covered, and they were charging us for it. well at least tell us before hand! it was bad enough you made us stand outside while the stupid previous party was leaving, and then made us wait in an area with 2 couches, then you make us go into a bar so you can squeeze money out of us. needless to say the guests were kinda annoyed.

too bad it wasn't absinthe...

so we start to drink, when they tell us to go outside to the ceremony area. they're herding us around and we just got our drinks, it was SO annoying, we tried to drink our drinks that were severely over priced, but we couldn't we only drank half and had to leave.

we were herded onto the grass, which is BAD for heels. and there were bugs, and planes flying overhead, and houses, yes residential houses next to us.

we waited till 7, and on the invite it said 6. and guess what?

we were still waiting, it didn't start till like 7:30! we could have finished our drinks! it was pretty bad considering the sun was going down, there were bugs around us, and the invite said 6. ppl were starting to get annoyed. if they were drunk i think they'd be happier. in fact some people showed up late on purpose and asked where the cocktail hour was, and were like no the ceremony hasn't started yet.

it finally started, WAY late, and a plane flew by too. the holy man there was asking us to pray all the time. far too much talk about god and reading from scripture. I felt weird when there is that much mention of religion in a ceremony.

they got married! yay! no need to adjust your screens, yes he's black, he's Jamaican actually. And she's half italian and puerto rican. They met in high school, and have been together ever since. awe...

cocktail hour begins. i don't know why, but the steak dude was being so stingy on the steak, just give us some, why are you giving out so little? are you planning to save it for the next wedding?

i ate a lot, drank a lot, cause hell i was hungry. see how dark it is? that's how late it was before we got to go inside into the reception hall. I drank a lot of champagne with strawberries.

bad salad. just bitter and bad

creepy centerpiece

table setting

the wedding cake, made by the groom's mom. it was pretty tall

groom's cake, yes its a dumb bell

first dance

some weird rice dish, it was crunchy like a rice krispy square

the duck, kinda dry

steak, um yeah, they asked how i wanted it but they brought me whatever, tasted strange, asparagus over cooked, potatoes powdery...its wedding food...

ice cream sundae

wedding favors

they're individual cakes, yes each one hand made by the groom's mother. that is INSANE!

they had a chocolate fountain which made a HUGE mess, and I was there trying to get all the strawberries I could. LOL! when trying to take pictures everyone's flash went off, screwing up my pictures. sigh.

father daughter dance, it was funny her father was out somewhere eating, and they had to track him down, so he's eating while dancing, classy on the video right?

father daughter dance. pretty sweet. his stepbrother joined in at the end.

it was nice wedding, they gave us more chocolate at the valet. hee hee.

got a ton more food porn coming up. damn my camera and flickr has been working overtime!

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SUGABUM said...

...I like Oreos. =(

Sucks about the late start to the wedding. The one I went to recently ran really late, too, but at least we weren't stuck outside with bugs the whole time. The venue looks really pretty, though. I can't believe how much effort the groom's mother put into making the wedding cake as well as all the mini cakes. CRAZY! They look so good! And hahaha about the dumb bell. Does the bride get her own cake, too? Or is it the wedding cake?

So is your mom worried that you're not married yet? Cause you're not, right? Cause if you are....where have I been? NO, you can't be can't be. You're too cool for marriage.

Fei said...

The cake wedding favors are amazing. So much work... Too bad about the scheduling and the Croc wearing party that wouldn't leave. Too bad you couldn't get fully hammered, like you paid for, before the ceremony. All this wedding talk is giving me ideas. Like, eloping.

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa that's a lot of cake man! so how come u didn't take a pic of the dress...i was scrolling looking for it lol

xppinkx said...

does the cake for the groom represent him???

i kid...and no open bar PSHHHHHHHHHHH....

but at least you got to wear your pretty betsey!

and as for the individual cakes...holy hell!!! what a favor for you daughter...a part favor indeed