I do read my comments, and I try to respond to them, usually by going to that person's blog and responding on their blog. sometimes i can't do that, and i feel weird responding in my own comments, I wonder if anyone reads my comments, or finds it vain that i spend that much time on a blog. Who knows. but i do read my comments, and chatbox that's over ---> there. And I do edit them, some troll hiding behind anon loves to say things that they think will offend me or they think they're insulting me, but in reality they're just a troll and coward, put your name instead of hiding behind anon.

anyways, lots of pics coming, just finished getting them off my camera, damn I am lazy. had a tapas tasting in a wine bar of all things that came with a wine tasting. watching the olympics and enjoying my new digs and neighborhood. i walked into tribecca today too.

I got one annoying comment from someone about the spain entry below. i found it irritating as all hell as they had the nerve to lecture me on race relations and how closed minded I was being, and what pissed me off was that this person was NOT asian and was NOT a minority and had absolutely NO idea what it was like to be a minority and to be treated like a second class citizen. this person also went on to say that the attention will shift over to somewhere else and it will die down and not to get so angry over it. WTF? I found it really ignorant on her part. no you cannot see her comment anymore.

anyways hope you had a fun weekend. I'm gonna head out and find what else this city has to offer.

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SUGABUM said...

This city has the Barney's warehouse sale to offer! Go, go, go! I might be heading over there tomorrow.

I always never knew if I should be replying to comments on my own blog or on the commenter's blog. If I reply on my own blog, I wouldn't have to answer questions more than once, but, like you, I wonder if people actually come back to my blog to look for my reply. Hmm, what to do. I've sort of been doing both.

Sorry to hear about the stupid, ignorant comments you get. People's experiences are all different, so some people simply won't ever understand. Sad, but true.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i feel yah girl...there are definitely some ignormauses out there on the web...keep doing what you doing tho because there are for more ppl who appreciate you then the one or two that don't...and speaking of which, i had a similar experience with a caucasian woman this weekend...i was explaining to her how the ppl at my corporate job discriminated me b/c of my race...and she said what? are you sure? are you sure you're just not being insecure? tsk tsk tsk...sometimes ppl just don't get it...especially if they're not a minority