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Against my better judgement I went to hear the stupid "meeting" that the art blog had today. course out of all the ppl they invited and how they were trying to get everyone to meet on the same day, about 2 other ppl besides me showed up. Let me tell you it was completely and utterly pointless, useless and a waste of my time. I'm so never going back there again. I can see why everyone else didn't go. They said there would be food and wine. There was cheap wine, 1 bottle of each, then there was crap they bought at whole foods, chips, grapes, dip, carrots and some snap peas. one bottle of soda. and the douche who was there was just running his mouth. He wasn't organized or anything. he was just blabbing, and chatting away, and here I was sitting there going omfg why am I here?

The girl who replaced the french girl was there, a complete moron, he's been sending her to gallery shows which is a bad idea as she doesn't know who's who. ugh, and she was drinking wine out of a plastic cup. ugh. so tacky.

the other girl who was there, I have no idea who she was, but she was friendly and chatty. She was some chick who works in the art world or something. She studied art restoration or some shit, but only in classic art not contemporary. She seemed to get annoyed at the douche for wasting her time.

running his mouth, unable to actually focus he was ranting about how the site was getting traffic but he didn't know how to get ads. Meanwhile i sat there not saying anything about the marketing contact I knew simply because I'm not helping him make any money because he's NOT paying me for any of my written articles, AND he had the nerve to announce how he's hiring some girl in London to cover events there. I found that to be rather insulting. And he was going on how he wanted to get sponsors and all this other shit, basically to make money, but then he realized I was there and then turned around and said no the site doens't make money, it should just make enough to cover costs, which is what? Hence why he's a total douche.

An hour into this, this LOUD annoying, LOOK AT ME! I'm the center of the goddamn world comes in. Ugh. she was SO annoying and fake. she was one of those high maintenance, I only date rich guys skank. Plus her mouth looked like Ursula's from the Little Mermaid.

And she wore this horrid pale pinky frosty lipstick that didn't go with her dark brows, and her dark hair and her dark pores. yes I went there. She was fucking annoying in that she had to mention that she was 1. a publicst and 2. all her clients. she had to mention that this person or that person was a client of hers, about every 5 min. It was super annoying, like no one really cares, we don't care who you work for or who ur clients are. we don't really care! then she goes on about how she's working for fashion week and is so busy. damn you're not busy enough not to shut the fuck up! Everything the douche said she immediately had to say oh well that was a client of ours, or is a client or we're in talks to be a client. STFU! Ugh! She was totally fake doing the whole let's go around the room and tell me about yourself so we can bond. Ugh, no way you fake skank. Let's not get into what she was wearing, she was this HUGE, tall amazonian female, who wore white short shorts that rode up her ass, and she made it a point ot bend over as much as possible, to show us that she wasn't' wearing any undies. yay for commando, she wore a shirt about 4 sizes too small and ugly shoes that looked like it should be on a man.

They were saying how they wanted luxury ads, like gucci would EVER want to put an add in some shitty little art blog. and how they didn't want the trader who works in wall street who buys a yellow lamborghini. Douche, don't hate the guy who makes MORE than you and can buy one! Douche goes on about his target audience, well educated, cultured, comes from old money and understands art and certain brands are important to them. why are you trying to get an audience that you clearly know nothing about and clearly aren't part of? I mean seriously, why are u being such a pretentious elitist snob? Does that mean everyone who buys a luxury item and doesn't fit into the old money category is what? not ur audience? You're a complete and utter douche. You know nothing about art or target audiences. stop projecting what you want on other people. You don't come from old money, and you're clearly not cultured. traders on wall street are educated retard! and they have money to burn, so I'd be a little bit nicer to them.

the art restoration lady was complaining about a massage she got, and how the lady was massaging her and going what's this? what's this on her leg, totally freaking her out. the "publicist" then went you should have complained, they'll comp you a HUGE gift certificate for free services. Wow. I see how she's thinking, I take it that she complains at ALL spas to get free stuff. I find that to be really low. If something was wrong, then yeah say something, but it sounded more like she's done it a few times and gets free stuff regardless. Then the other stupid girl was like omg did you get ur massage in chinatown? Like WTF is that suppose to mean you racist bitch? then again the douche did say something about someone paying for property or a deposit on a property in cash. and all he could say was that was chinatown style. Are you saying something bad about chinese people here? that we pay in cash? I'd tell him off but i realize he's too much of a retard to realize it. No one asked you to go to chinatown, no one asked you to do business with the chinese. YOU seeked them out, and you're a goddamn douche.

let's see how many articles get published being that I'm not writing shit for them.

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