Tapas Tasting

This humidity is seriously cramping my style and making my hair totally freak out! And my hair isn't curly! Eeek! Anyways yesterday I ventured out to central park south, smelled like horse poo there for a tapas tasting. Tapas apparently are the new, hip thing. Let me tell you what happened there. FYI I was wearing my red betsey johnson cotton dress. It was a friend's friend's sister who was starting up a catering business, and did this tapas tasting and to invite some ppl who may be interested. Course everyone showed up late. So enough talking, onto the food porn! Lots of pics!!!! :P

plates, forks and spoons, little of course

her business cards, ddcuisine dot com. check her out if your in nyc and want some catering done.

coconut madelines, they were for dessert hence why they are covered up right now.

the table spread, damn that's a lot of food right? Oh but she brought out even MORE food since she was still cooking! *gasp* more food!!!!

bruschetta, with ricotta cheese, sweeter and tastier with tomatoes and basil

grilled tofu, with soy sauce and some other stuff, it was quite tasty

meatballs! yummy! not sure if we were suppose to eat the pasta or if it was just for decoration


chicken salad with grapes on endive.

close of up endive!

pita chips, with smoked salmon roe cream cheese spread nad baba ganoush

deviled eggs

another shot of the eggs, yes they're laying on rocks.

she had an awesome apt! it screamed out yes i can afford to live at central park south!

grilled shrimp with mango, mint and cumin! Damn it tasted so GOOD!

asian explosion salad, beef, avocado, mango, noodles and other yummies!

me about the eat the beef from her asian explosion salad, yes that's my red betsey johnson dress there!

skirt steak on bread with some seriously spicy stuff!

moroccan lamb and red pepper. It didn't taste like lamb, no gamey taste at all! we were all surprised!

chives and pork potstickers!

There was also korean bbq steak, course i was obviously busy stuffing my face. I swear when ppl said they were getting full I was still stuffing my face shamelessly. The caterer realized she forgot the crab cakes, and put on her apron and started frying them up. Course my ride had to leave. They came with a baby, and the baby had to leave cause the baby wanted to sleep and what not. sigh. so sad. I could have had crab cakes and they looked SO GOOD! and this is the part where EP starts to cry, sigh...me missing out on food!

my sangria! yes sangria!

Oh and the awkwardness of it. My friend of a friend who worked at this media company or what not, sent me this potential gig to build this website. course what he told me and what the guy in charge of the project told me were 2 different things. we spoke about it briefly and he was like dude i'm hearing the stuff that goes on and he was like what was your number? were u the one that said 10G? I was like NO! and he was like oh ok so that wasn't you today, cause that was a painful conversation i had to hear today. I was like huh? I basically explained to him that the guy who was in charge we'll call him bob, sent me a ppt presentation on what he wanted changed, before i could respond he sent me yet another ppt on what he wanted, i called him asking him a few things because he sent me 2 websites one in html/css with flash in it and one that was just pure flash. obviously there would be a huge price difference between the flash and non flash. the guy has no fucking clue what the difference is. sigh. fine, i send him a quote a fair quote i might add for a html/css with flash in it. ok here comes the awkward part. He shows up at the tapas tasting! AWKWARD! my friend's friend at the media company was like omg i'm SO SORRY! I totally forgot he was coming and you were coming and you two were talking via email and stuff! I was like awkward! what was really awkward was that the guy came and and started talking. he was kinda cute in that dorky way, BUT things got really weird. he was asking about me. yes i'm a freelancer yes i know what i'm doine, and then he asked me about my price. i said basically cause you wanted all those pages with flash in it, that's why. if it was just a straight up html/css site then the price would be lower. duh! so then he's like well what if i do the layout and i send it to you and u just do the flash? i'm like er....and what was worse was that he was like isn't there something you can download to do the flash slideshow? AHEM! *That was a little insulting, if you think its THAT easy then I suggest YOU fucking download it and do it that way then!* I responded I actually code it in flash/actionscript. He then said well if i did it that way would it cost less? Cause then it was total bs, oh we have a budget, oh i can't afford this and that. Look! I am not doing this for free. if you want this site with flash done for cheap then i suggest you find some stupid little college student then. I was like ok i'm so not gonna say anything else cause one of us has to look professional here. I really can't believe he was trying to make me lower my quote. And he wanted me to give him a number right then and there! I was like I have to see it and think about it before i can give you another quote. he said he'd email me, i don't see anything in my inbox. I'm not being unfair, actually, for a flash site it is base of 5G. But since its html/css with flash in it i quoted him less than that. since he wants to do the layout, and i'm not, the flash is still gonna cost you. the fact that i have to open up flash and make you something means the price goes up regardless. find yourself a stupid college student taking a flash class then, cause my quote is fair and its not moving. ugh, that was uncomfortable to say the least.

i have a meeting with some chinese opera people to design their website next wed. hope it all goes well. i haven't gone to any restaurants for restaurant week yet. god this humidity is making me want to stay in, and not go out and eat. sigh. alright next week i'm going for it!

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Vanessa said...

OH. MY. LORD. Look at all that food! I am a FAT girl inside, really I am. I love food. I am not even picky either, i'll eat anything (except liver, snakes, bugs, things of that nature). LOL.

That bruschetta looks damn good!!!!! Ok you inspired me to learn how to cook. I will whip up something this week just for you. :)

xppinkx said...


i hope you ate before talking to this tool!...

THE FOOOOOD LOOOOKS AMAZING woman...she must have alot of clientle to be living where she does?....so prey would you hire her to do your wedding????

oh and btw she got her plates from CB2...a cheaper chain from crate & barrel...i have the same ones

i love deviled eggs!

SHe is really crafty with her meatballs...that idea is brilliant!

is she ASIAN?...i dont understand why asian food is always catered at events i mean sushi, dumplings, or even gazpacho served in a porceline asian soup spoon...

cant they do mini burgers or like mashed potatoes or somthing...or tibeten goat balls on a stick garnished with saffron mouse

xoxo Jaimie said...

That food looks amazing! I love how one of the labels is "food porn" lol, thats truly what it is.

xoxo jaimie
don't forget to check out my new contest!

ChyiX2 said...

Yay for food porn!! It all looks so delicious! :P *sticking my tongue out to lick my monitor* mmh... not what I'd expected...

Oy! Talk about awkward situation, seriously if he doesn't want to shell out then he better find someone else!

SUGABUM said...

Who needs a permit when they live in the city, anyway? When I stayed in California, people's eyes would pop out of their faces when they found out I didn't know how to drive. The kids there all get cars at 16. Just know that 0.08% blood alcohol content (BAC) is legal evidence that you are intoxicated. Everything else in the manual is pretty much common sense. Dude, you should take your driver's test soon cause I heard that even if you don't have any intention of driving soon, at least your insurance will start to go down so by the time you drive, it won't be the price of first-time drivers.

And f*ck that cheap guy. He obviously does not deserve your services.

jie jie said...

you take the most amazing pictures on food pr0n! so appetizing.. yummm. *drools*

what a stingy guy.. he's probably gonna end up with something lousy.

your xanga was posted in abb wasn't it? or was it in other girl's blog? it was somewhere.. i thought more girls linked your xanga than blogspot, that's why i didn't find it until later. otherwise, i would've missed all the pr0n pics!

Fei said...

*flashes you*

5g is some serious money, but making flash anything gives me a headache... @_@ So he shouldn't be one to complain!

Are you using a different camera? Your foodie pics are more artsy fartsy (that's classy art history talk for ya). What I wouldn't GIVE to see you digging through a plate of animal parts in some distant country, Bourdain style! ;)