Taiwanese food & Love Guru

I'm a bit backed up on food porn and some other stuff. Surprisingly this freelance thing i agreed to suddenly turned into something else. and here i am hammering out the exact details on what I will and will not be doing. Then the other possible freelance dried up due to the fact that they need approval first. ugh that may be a while. Anyways, last week me and my gf's met up for dinner and a movie. Its my col friend who makes dumplings, not sure what happened with that and my other friend who loves to complain about everything, when there's nothing to complain about. yes the one that says she's totally broke and has to clip coupons and then turns around and says her man makes 6 digits.

Anyways we ended up eating at this taiwanese restaurant that i went to once before. Course that was a while ago and so we ordered some taiwanese food. Yes I am taiwanese, and yes I like stinky tofu. Course I know other ppl are totally horrified by this. But I'm not one of those ppl with azian pride, represent. I am who I am, plz no politics here. So my friend who complains a lot ordered for us. And this is what we got.

the menu

boiled peanuts appetizer

pork chop over rice, and yes there's an egg!

stinky tofu! wasn't that stinky! LOL!

My friend was telling me about how they make stinky tofu, fermented at room temperature, and when they say room temperature, they mean room temperature there, like 90 degrees. yeah sounds appealing right? But when they fry it up its still good! LOL!

the classic, oyster pancake!

stuff on my plate

pigs blood and intestine. it was quite tasty!

chicken and basil, very good!

stuff on my plate

i haver to say pig's blood is quite tasty. My complainer friend says that its good for cleaning out your bowels. Great thing to know. I also said that I take fish oil for better skin and stuff, she goes well that cleans your bowels. Apparently everything cleans your bowels.

Afterwards we went to see Love Guru. Sigh. It was how do I put it? It had funny parts in it yes, it was mostly cheesy toilet humor, and playing on indian stereotypes. But it honestly wasn't funny funny, like pissing on the floor, laughing hysterical funny you know? it was like um ok. It wasn't like austin powers where it kinda flowed, this one was like what cheesy thing can I put in here now?

What was worse was my two friends who were there, they were laughing hysterically, loudly. I just didn't see it as that funny. Meanwhile there were 6 ppl in the theatre, 2 which left due to the lack of humor. Afterwards they were discussing about how funny it was. I was like um no. What was worse was that my friend then told me that it was so funny that it was just as funny as Don't Mess with the Zohan. Which seriously makes me question her judgement in certain things now.

Anyways my complainer friend was complaining again about her husband who makes 6 digits. and how he apparently bought a car, now mind you, they did discuss buying a car, they also discussed the cards that were possible for them. what she's pissed off about is how he "didn't warm her up" to the car he bought. I found that to be quite irritating. Geez, you're poor and broke, but yet your man makes 6 digits. and now he buys a car, that he didn't warm up to you about. it was a goddamn acura not a lexus! Not only that, he went for a test drive, yes and he brought his cousins and such, but she didn't go, and she's pissy about that too, why? because she had to work on july 4th. look you worked that holiday. not anyone else's fault you worked on a holiday. but the whole i'm gonna complain cause i ain't got nothing else to complain about so i'm gonna complain about stupid crap is annoying me. note to self, don't let her pick the restaurant and don't hang out with her anymore.

back to coding again...sigh...portfolio site is coming along nicely...and i'm heading to a midnight screening of the new batman movie...i hope its worth it, and i hope there are no screaming kids there!

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SUGABUM said...

Do you live in Flushing or around there? I recognize a lot of the places you post about. =P

xppinkx said...


the oyster pancake! the oyster pancake!!!...when i got to tai wan i am gunna go to a hawker stand and get me a true oyster pancake....man o man...a couple of months back i you tubed oyster pan cake ...i was drooling at the vids...

speaking of you tube...i dunno if u ever saw that commercial where kobe bryant jumps over a aston martin...but anywho if you didnt watch it youtube that 1st then watch this


it brought tears to my eyes