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Last night I went to Beer Garden, yes the one that is mentioned in GTA4! and drank way too much. Yes, i stumbled home drunkard and somehow found my way into the bathroom where somehow i washed my face and crawled back and passed out. Note to self, drinking Stella will give you a wicked hang over. Which was today.

their version of beer garden in the game. lol

apparently their version of it is much cleaner than what it is in real life.

And to those idiotic, close minded, retarded people who think this game is immoral, and violent and a terrible game for teenagers and such, STFU! Parents should have control over what their kids play and watch, if you don't bother to pay attention to your kid bc you're too busy getting botox or shopping that is clearly YOUR fault. Kids aren't violent because they play video games, if that were true then think of all the kids that watched Power Rangers. I don't see any of them climbing on top of each other to make a mega robot of sorts. Or maybe they did and I just missed it. Point is, its a damn game. Games don't kill people, the same way guns don't kill people. People pull the trigger. Anyways that's another rant there. Another time maybe.

In an attempt to cash the check the art blog ppl gave me, the really fucking old guy working behind the counter, took his sweet ass time, and would not give me my money. first apparently there was a $5 fee bc I didn't have a chase account. Well screw that. then he said my ID was expired and took his sweet time telling me that, then he took my notary public card and went on about mexico and such. WTF? Do your fucking job. total waste of time. Chase totally sucks if you have retarded workers there like that, that waste 15 min of your time just to say you can't get your money. WTF? totally annoying. so i'm gonna have to deposit it now. I hope the check doesn't bounce cause you know I'd be super pissed.

Sephora is having a sale on the Hard Candy stuff. So sad, it seems all my fave brands are kicking the bucket on sephora and I'm not there to reap the rewards. hee hee!

other news I snagged a hat i've been eyeing at diesel. They wanted WAY too much for full price, but they had a sale and I was instantly sold. they took their sweet ass time on the register, one person working the register, and there's a long line, meanwhile all the other SA are just walking about. ugh. wtf? do you want my money or not?

the front

the back

detail. Yes i need my bling bling!

I'll post pics of myself in the hat, though i'm not much of a camera whore as I am a food whore. Sadly no bbq this 4th. sigh.

Anyways, i'm still tired and still feeling sick from the previous night. ugh. no more drinking. what have i planned for this 4th? not sure, stuff is in the air. there were plans to go to boston and look around and devour the flesh of creatures from the sea, however that seems put on hold. So let's see where this weekend takes us! and of course there is food porn coming.

also, possible designer intern position coming up for me, also a possible marketing blogger position, but relax its not that awesome. its more of a viral marketing thing they want. it pulls in 1-2K a month. sigh.

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Violet Honeybee said...

Cute! I have a hat like that.. but without all the bling lol. Thank you for the heads up on the Hard Candy sale! I purchased a bunch of their palletes xD

We should do the Lash Growth thing for a month and keep each other on track lol!

sophie said...

ooh nice hat :) and whats stella?