hampton party

So over the weekend I went to this party in the hamptons. yes I know, so unlike me. It was the someone's boss's party, I got like almost every year. Its like whatever, free food and there's a pool. Course no one really gets in the pool except for the bratty kids who btw think its ok to be jumping all over the place into the pool and splash everyone who's in the area. hell you couldn't sit far enough away unless you were inside, course no one was inside. wtf? And you know how much I HATE kids. WTF! Where the !@#$ are your goddamn parents?! This isn't a day care center! And there wasn't enough booze there to keep me inebriated. The food was nice, catered, and bbq on site. There was a DJ who made us play cheesy games. and there was a lifeguard to make sure the stupid kids didn't drown. It was very bright and sunny, luckily I had my pimp hat and sunglasses on and sunblock!

the pool with lots fo inflatable stuff.

the tiki bar type thing. notice the kids being naughty already

the house, its not a large hampton house, but it is nice. they have a hot tub there too. the kids were screaming and yelling and going in there, i bet you they peed in there too!

will upload more pics, of me next to a big fake palm tree. :P

This weekend I also saw Step Brothers. Damn Will Ferrell likes to make ridiculous movies doesn't he? Some of the stuff was just so random like wtf? Did they give you money to make this? Did they even understand it?

Its pretty goddamn funny. random, yes, vulgar yes, the amount of cursing my god! That's why its a rated R movie and that's why you DON'T bring your goddamn kids to it, esp with strollers and fucking whining. And then getting confused when they don't understand what's going on, yes they had hustler, yes they were jacking off, and YES you saw Will Ferrell's balls! Teabagging! Completely inappropriate for kids. course parents NEVER read or pay attention, or pay a goddamn babysitter to watch the brats. ugh. stupidness. don't complain if you don't read! fucktards!

I was also suppose to hang out with my friend who's also out on long island. course that never happened, she was busy with other crap and that just went on and on and on, and i was just annoyed at that part being that i was stuck with a bunch of stupid bratty kids and then she wanted to go to dave n busters where again a bunch of retarded parents bring their bratty kids so they can play video games and such, and the parents get hammered and phase out their kids. yeah a great place to go right? i totally said NO WAY! I've had enough of retard kids. And their equally retarded parents. Plus being on Long Island the place of inbred hicks and their equally inbred bratty kids, I'd have to say Hellz no.

gonna get hair done today, gotta get it cut cause its just long and has no shape, and my highlights totally grey out and that was no fun at all. i hate walking around having 2 colors in my hair and my roots totally showing. not sure if i want to get more highlights or just dye it black, but then if i dye it black i look like everyone else, but then i wont' have to worry about roots. Sigh what to do? Get highlights, get an awesome cut, then when i have what 3 inch roots I can dye it black? who knows. either way i gotta cut it. yes i shall post before and after pics. hee hee.

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xppinkx said...

i have never been...

btw do you think you could ever be a mother????

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh la la...high class!

Vanessa said...

Haha you know them kiddies peed in that pool! Nice pic of the pool btw, looks nice and serene, oh wait, it's cuz there are no kids in the pool yet, lol.

And I agree, Will Ferrell has been making stupid movies since ELF, wtf!??