Hair Today

My mind is all over the place. I have to finish up my portfolio site, work on another site, remember to post all those food porn pics and keep applying to jobs. That and the fact the stupid art blog ppl are emailing me still. Ok granted the last time I was there, the guy was a douche and wouldn't sign the check cause he was chatting on the phone, or the fact that I found out he hired someone else instead of bumping me up, and now that dumb bitch doesn't know how to run the thing, I'm just gonna email them that if they don't pay for transportation they ain't seeing my ass any time soon. Yes knowing how cheap and shady he is, he'll refuse me a metrocard and I'm just gonna keep coding my site.

Meanwhile I'm getting totally pissed off at my hair. its long and its been months since my last hair cut and highlights. MONTHS. Though I wonder why i even bother, cause i get it done, my hair grows, then i end up with dark roots for months until i go back again, I wonder if i should even get my highlights redone or just get a hair cut and grow it out. then i think about the time when my hair was its natural hair color and it was weird cause i looked REALLY pale, and then damn my grey hairs started showing up. WTF?! it was so frustrating. i went to the hair place and they said highlights would cover up the greys, they covered up some not all. Kinda pissed me off cause they just wanted my money. And I'm not ready to dye my hair back to my natural hair color yet. I dunno guess I feel that when I do that I'm old. blah! What to do with my hair! I don't even know how I want it cut now either! Ugh! what's wrong with me?

Over the weekend I saw Hellboy 2. It was highly entertaining and funny. I haven't seen the first one but hell it was good. The sister in the movie was freaking annoying as all hell and should have just been killed off or died halfway through the movie. like seriously STFU albino! Though I wonder how Hellboy will bring about the end of the world...hmmm maybe its time to pick up the comic.

oh and this came about last night or was it before? with me and spankedelic,(actually it was mostly here, I was just commenting) she suggested the idea of a blogger swap instead of the makeupalley swap. Sounds like a good idea, as I'm hoping we're all not gonna swaplift each other, cause it would seem kinda pointless in a way.

and i got my warhammer beta key. i spent forever downloading, and patching, and it was suppose to be up today, but guess what? nope. wtf? you want beta testing or not n00bs?!

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spankedelic said...

hey girl i need your email so i can add you on the new page! gee and i made a page for blogger swapping. lol. it's invite only, so i need your email to add you.

MakeupByRenRen said...

blogger swap...that's way better, i trust you guys a lot more than others, lol. i saw hellboy this weekend, and you know what part really pissed me off? when aqua guy immediately threw the part of the crown to the prince in that cave thing...i was like "idiot!" lol...dumb princess

anyways...if they haven't paid you for need to record what you've been paying out of pocket to put on your taxes...yah hear!