Douche Bag Award

Was pissed off before but now i'm not as much. the moment has passed as you shall say. The art blog ppl, totally suck, I know i saw that a lot, but really they do. they said they were gonna pay $150 for me working so awesome hard for them. one time deal. and they actually have the nerve to say the blog makes NO money. WTF? don't blatantly lie to me. Apparently they got some advertisers and will pay me the 150 from that. And MAYBE they'll be able to pay me more later on. WTF?! though the part that ROYALLY pissed me off was that the french girl is leaving and going back to viva la france. probably cause the douche doesn't want to sponsor her to stay. yes he pays her. So who's gonna replace her? Not the person that's been there, working on the blog, writing articles, putting up with total BS! No instead of I dunno someone who's been there, and actually knows how to use wordpress he fucking hires someone else! Some girl that has some weird ass name with accent marks from some other fucking country who knows jack shit about art and even less about wordpress. She didn't know how to manage pages and she's in charge?! WTF! I was really pissed off, cause honestly i thought I knew more and should have been bumped up. He's a fucking douche. What's worse is that I'm trying to get my fucking check for the money and the douche is too busy chatting away on the phone. Like he's so fucking important, just fucking SIGN it! Then he has the fucking nerve to go wait a min, I'm like WTF? I have to fucking GO! Its past 6:30 and I had to get out of there to meet for a movie! That guy seriously thinks the world fucking revolves around him. i was like fuck this i'm out, i cannot waste time waiting around. But I'm gonna make DAMN sure that he signs that check and I get wed when I go in. cause I am NOT in the mood to be fucked with. i was also trying to make them pay for my transportation as well. Hell getting one unlimited metrocard does help. Once I get it i'm gonna get the fuck out of there. Hence why he deserves the douche bag award.

and as a side note, i saw Wall*e today, it was pretty good, damn not bad for a movie that doesn't have much dialogue well except from the humans. but the main characters don't say much aside from their name. good movie, check it out, hate the fucking kids there.

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