Bridal Shower in Brooklyn

Ugh, Brooklyn is not fun. You have the wanna be hipsters and wannabe artists in williamsburg which is totally over priced. Then you have the ghettoness in brooklyn. Then you have a few nice areas filled with rich white ppl, and well yeah they don't take too kindly to colored folk. But the shower itself was in a nice area, a wanna be hipster area. sigh. anyways. it was a peruvian restaurant, the owner/manager was a nice guy. Very friendly and funny. Originally the shower was suppose to be outside in the back, and it was freaking hot! It was humid and we were hiding under the umbrellas and such. (This is pic intensive with food porn!)

the back of the restaurant. the sun was still out then

colorful yes?

my sangria, the way to start it off!

more flowers pretty aren't they?

It rained after about 20 min we were outside. the bride also showed up early and we yelled surprise but it wasn't really much of a surprise. plus people showed up LATE! WTF! It CLEARLY said the time on the invite. Why do people think its ok to show up to an event late? Especially when it says surprise on it?! ugh cmon people!

we moved inside and this is our super long table

the photos on the inside of the restuarant

we had crayons so we started drawing stuff on the table while they were getting out the food and setting up and stuff

my artistic cow...LOL!

the inside of the restaurant

now we're on the other side.

the appetizers. Looks good right?

crispy yummy calamari!

yummy steak empanada! (boo blurry pic)

There was some chicken that was very flavorful and yummy, and the salad was ok. There was tomato in it, and i didn't want to eat any.

these are my red Michael Kors shoes! I bought them last year at a sale at bloomies and finally got a chance to wear them out!

entree dishes. very yummy. it was buffet style hence why the plating is weird

pallae! clams for all!

mussels in white wine and such!

ceviche, it was with salmon not a white fish, it was ok. not the greatest

my prize box. we played pictionary bridal version, a quiz on the bride, and yes the toliet paper wedding dress. Somehow I ended up being the model, and had a ton of toilet paper all over me.

the leftover toilet paper. I don't have pics of me in the toilet paper dress cause i couldn't move, i'll see if my friend has any pics!

coffee, strong, very strong

upside down peach cake. Damn it was good!

pineapple upside down cake. very good too, not as good as the peach though

close up of the pineapple

favor i got from the shower. its a cookie! its pretty too! the groom's mom made them. she's a demon at baking!

halal chinese food, interesting thing to see.

stuff i got from the prize boxes

it was a fun time. the bride to be got a ton of lingerie, so much so that they're up to 6 kids now. the groom was funny as most of them were white and classy and when he saw the one i got her, the black lacy, sexy, vampy one he was like "That one is MINE!" before he was like that one's for her. but he got all excited at that one. totally cute and funny. A great time was had by all.

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connie- said...

LOVE those shoes, and now I'm hungry from looking at that damn food porn.

iamgrape1119 said...

EVERYTHING LOOKS SO YUMMY! Drools! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

MakeupByRenRen said...

sounds like fun! another shower and MORE gourmet delights? you're living it up girl! i can't believe those cookies are home made!

Vanessa said...

Cute shoes! And good idea on the black lingerie, sexy sexy! I am sure he'll put it to some good use haha.

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