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Hmmm....what to post? Well first off Sephora is having a sale on their Bourjois line. I guess they're clearing it out or something. how sad, they did start the whole thing with the primer and then apply your mascara, I remember getting it years ago and trying it out and being amazed at how long my lashes were, however it did nothing for volume. sigh.

so go ladies and shop. and apparently Shu Umera is having a friends and family sale 20% off. sigh. i blew money i didn't have on the sample sale. *cries* oh well i don't need more makeup anyways. I may stop by the sample sale again today, cause its the last day they may have more discounts and stuff. and they sent me an email stating they are putting out more stuff each day. OK. NOT buying anything unless I totally need it and want it and will wear it always and is cheap. time to hit the sample section definitely!

*added in for xpinkx* the anna sui dress I wore to the tea party! Which was a while ago and that tea house sucked hairy balls!

Yesterday I got super pissed off, but that moment passed. A while ago i posted about how annoyed i was at this person who used to be my friend who apparently got an internship at this fashion house i used to work at, and surprisingly before she was rejected each and every time she applied. but miraculously this time she got in. which lead me to believe she was name dropping, esp my name which royally pissed me off. I haven't spoken to her in a while simply because she proved to me that friendship was not as important as her loser boyfriend. and she pretty much screwed everyone in the process. I won't go into how she pretty much RUINED someone's surprise bridal shower. even thought it said SURPRISE on the invite in bold underlined and huge font! I won't go into how she had the nerve to call the girl's who surprise shower it was to ask her where and when it was. I was absolutely horrified and pissed off when she did that! the sheer audacity of it! Her fat ass was too lazy to go look for the invite in her room, so instead she calls the girl instead! she basically just ruined the surprise. and she felt absolutely NO remorse for it. what was worse was that she didn't even show up! Instead she overslept and hung out with her loser bf at some stupid farm riding hay rides. That was one of the many things she did that was totally unbelievable. She actually had the nerve to try to talk to me during the anna sui sample sale. I had to refrain from hitting her for being so selfish! I had to play it cool as i didn't want to make a scene there and go about my way. anyways i yesterday I found out that her dumb, stupid, incompetent ass got a job in fashion no less, which leads me to believe that the world is truly run by idiots. that's it. pure idiots. Ok, i was upset and miffed, so yesterday I decided that's it I'm gonna re-design my portfolio site. Yes i did the coverflow like apple for my gallery and it was kinda cool at the time, but that was like what? almost 2 years ago? crikey. it look so out dated now. So yeah that was my inspiration for stuff. Hellz if a moron like her can get a job so can I. And I'm way smatter, cooler, and thinner than she is. yes i went there. The last time I went to go meet her, she totally ditched me, for her loser bf again who doesn't have a job, and just sits around all day, and worked at the post office temp and they "let him go" right before christmas which is their busiest season, so either he's a lazy fucker who doesn't want to work, or is a complete moron. either way their kids will be retarded just like them. I went off on a tangent there, yeah we were suppose to meet up, she totally ditched me, no email, no call no txt NOTHING. That was pretty much it. she had pretty much shown how selfish she was. and about 3 days later I get this LAME txt saying she has explosive diarrhea or some bs oh wait i think it was an email. it was something cold and lame, and rather than just calling me up and apologizing or even telling me that she wasn't going to show up like a non selfish person would she just discarded me and everyone else for her loser bf. yeah. i hate chicks that are totally all about their man and their entire life revolves around them. I hate chicks who define themselves by their man. Like geez, you have no personality or brain without a guy telling you what to do? Seems like it. Pretty fucking sad. I am so glad I am not defined by my relationship. i am defined by who I am, not by what some guy tells me.

Anyways, that was me ranting. rant over. food porn coming up, since I have just bombarded you with a ton of txt.

weeks ago, went to eat korean bbq with some friends, apparently a lot of places don't have charcoal anymore. what gives?

this is all the fat and grease that came out of the grill while the meat cooked...hee hee

yummy short ribs!

pork belly! omg so yummy!

kimchi pancake! so spicy!

not sure what this is called but it was spicy!

and all the side dishes, that's the pork belly cooking up. damn it looks good!

i have no idea what this egg thing is

ok, so I'm gonna head out and see Wanted the Angelina Jolie movie. Yeah, wanted to see Wall*e but damn those fucking kids. Maybe later.

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Fei said...

Korean BBQ is so yum. And it's certainly fun cooking it right there, IN YO FACE. But I hate coming home smelling like I've been... cooking.

ZOMG YOU LOOK SO KYUTE. I could just eat you up in all those dresses. I kinda feel like slapping some white lace gloves and a parasol on you. haha

CuttiBeBe said...

that spicy dish looks like Yu Ge Jung. shreded beef with scallion and glass noodle in spicy broth.

you just made me want to throw up the pizza i just had, and eat up that egg custard.

sophie said...

omg y do u keep hanging out with or keeping in contact w. that cow ? she will only bring u down or give u wrinkles for pissin u off. o and this awesome ramen place opened across from rose tea house ... its sooo good ajisen ramen u should check it out

SUGABUM said...

I love that steamed egg thing from your last picture (I don't know the name of that dish either)! I tell my mom to make it for me sometimes.

In San Francisco, a lot of Korean BBQ places will bring out the meats already cooked. SUCKS! But you don't smell so bad when the food is served that way.

You look totally awesome in that dress. That's my favorite one of all the ones you've showcased so far. I made it to the Betsey Johnson Sample Sale on Friday afternoon. I got 4 things for $90! =O No gowns or tea dresses though...but I DID get that jean jacket that you got! It was the last one and everyone kept asking me if I was going to get it because they wanted it, too. It's so pretty. I haven't had access to a camera since Wednesday, but I'll post up pix of my goodies next week. Thanks so much for the heads up! P.S. How do you get on those mailing lists for the sample sales?

P.P.S. Thanks for the heads up on Bourjois. Wow, your blog is really bad for my wallet!

Mandy said...

Oh what?! Such a cute dress even tho the party sucked. ): Btw, Korean BBQ so good!

And I hope you went to see The Wanted. ...that movie was fucking goood!

xppinkx said...


why must you amuse me the most with your bitching!...i love it...what a douche she is to ruin a Surprise b-day and then not show up lol that just pure rankness right there...*sigh*

THE DRESS!!! i have been waiting to see this missy...btw the first pic of you i thought it was on a mannequin...your body in that picture is sooo doll like it's quite amusing...esp your hands...this dress on the other hand reminds of alice drinking tea and cutting off heads with the queen...I love the a-line cut of the dress it's so classy and 50's also makes you look like youhave a 23 inch waist....

korean BBQ...i heading up to NYC for the 4th weekend ...any sample sales that you know of...