Food poonage! As promised! Like a week or so ago, i can't remember, me and my friend went to a Tapas bar in the city, kinda random. Someone had suggested it, so we went. We went to this place called Casa Mono. Its one of those trendy, wannbe hipsters and trendsters hang out, those wannabe sex and the city chicks, who clearly don't have the class, the $$ or style, but try so hard regardless. anyways I digress....

Its a small place, really small the kitchen isn't that big, and u can sit at the bar and watch them cook. The place is about the size of a dorm room, but it makes awesome tapas!

we had a great view of the kitchen, there were 3 ppl working in there, small space and yet they were able to make all the dishes. one good thing of sitting at the bar was being able to see all the dishes, and going oooh i want that one!

mussels with chorizo and Cava, it was DAMN good. so good that you would take the bread and soak up the sauce with it and keep eating, yes that good. i saw the guy next to me order it and totally wanted it then.

fried calamari. so yummy, fresh and tasty!

close of up calamari!

Soft Shell Crabs with Black Truffle Alioli, i usually don't like that stuff but its pretty DAMN GOOD! And the little salad they put under it, omg so tasty that i ate it all!

artichokes and mint. so yummy...why can't all veggies taste this good?

Lambs with sweet pea and mint. omg it was so good! i don't like peas but damn i was just eating this up like crazy!

a little cappuccino. wasn't that great, i think they burnt it. but i'll let it go...

bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream! Definitely YUMMY!

close up of ice cream! yes this is necessary!

I should mention that this is a tapas bar and traditionally you drink wine. they had a huge book for wine, i just said house wine plz. white plz, which was a good choice, white apparently goes well with seafood which is a lot of what I ate. Hmmm seafood. My friend had red, which was decent but now he wishes he had red.

I should also mention that the food here was really amazingly good, like there wasn't any misses and the food was freshly made in front of you. I should also mention that when i googled them to find out more about them, I found out why. Apparently mario batalli had a hand in this. Yes mr I wear crocs and was an iron chef america. ok so he's a good restauranteur, he knows to make lots of money by having good restaurants with good food. ok so he made more money. anyways i can see why he's on iron chef, his food doesn't suck, its pretty good, and you all should definitely go check it out and drink some wine too!

They're a little pretentious there. The wait staff is usually hit or miss, sometimes they're just too busy, and sometimes they're just on it, reading the different reviews out there. the night i went service was pretty awesome. food was awesome, and wine was good too. it is suggested that you do make a reservation, so you can get in and out. I only wanted about 40 min, but they took my number and called me when it was ready, pretty cool. ok...looking at these tapas are making me hungry again...*drool* hope you enjoyed the food poonage!

till next time!

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jie jie said...

It's weird, I feel full after lusting over today's food porn. Btw, do people stare when you take pictures? I can never pull out my camera I'm too conscious what people think of me. Like I've never seen that kind of food before.

ChyiX2 said...

oh my GAHD!! This was a HUGE mistake! I told myself not to visit your blog for awhile, I slipped today and took a peek anyways. Your food pics always make me drool!! And HUNGEE! Dang, me so hungee right now. And it's all your fault! ;)

xppinkx said...


im salivating!...like seriously and it's around my lunch time and i dont have shit to eat around here..thanks...

I will def. check out this place when i head up...ugh i love me some shell fish...

MakeupByRenRen said...

dang now that's what i'm talking bout!