Super awesome beach party!

Hey there! My weekend was spent at a super awesome beach party, in fact it was my friend's 3rd annual super awesome beach party 2008! At her beach house on long island. did I mention she had a private beach? Oh yeah it was super awesome! I spent saturday at the beach, i spent sunday recovering, sore, and achey. yeah i was lying on a rock and didn't realize it till later. Anyways, got some food porn back logged, will post that later. but yes no onto the beach pics!

I totally needed a day to relax and chill being that my life in the city wasn't getting any better. still haven't heard from the game design people. i'll take that as a brush off, rather then just writing a rejection letter and what not. i wonder if they just blatantly lie to everyone who went in. Anyways...

my friend driving her mini cooper with the top down. She picked me and my friend up from the bus, yes we took the bus from manhattan to long island. Damn those stupid pretentious white ppl and their we're going to the hamptons so we can be uber annoying kind of crap. There was this one older woman who was behind us and would not STFU and kept talking about herself LOUDLY. Course she finally stopped when she saw that we had our headphones on and didn't care to listen to her. Guess she was sad that all the attention wasn't on her.

they're growing stuff, not sure what it is

we drove and then we smelled strawberries in the air. we were like yumm...strawberries. we saw signs for fresh strawberries and pick your own strawberries. we stopped at a farm stand and picked some up. this was some weird display they had going on there. a fake horse, a fake cow and tractor equipment i think.

very cute and cozy and quaint

strawberries! without hormone injections! natural ones!

don't they look yummy?

my friend making her famous green bean casserole!

the inside of her beach house

her backyard

her awesome grill

the loft

making the green bean casserole!

spinach artichoke dip

pasta salad someone made

people at the party

Yes I did have a few small issues. one was the vegetarian. sigh. there's always one. and yes my friend did make accommodations. One thing that really annoyed me was the whole, bossing us around when we were making kabobs. yes my friend had chicken and beef and veggies out and she was like make your own kabobs. the vegetarian, immediately had to make hers first and get it on the grill so there would be NO contamination. sigh. then she starts bossing us meat eaters around. no the tongs are for the chicken, you can't mix it with the beef which was frozen and stuck together. like STFU vegetarian. person who does not know anything about meat! Ugh she was so fucking annoying, sitting right next to the meat too! then complaining. ugh. plz STFU! anyways I was making my kabob but you know what? some ppl were nice and used the tongs to help me get the beef on, and guess what? when you cook its all dead anyways! stupid vegetarians. and yeah, she was a fat chick too. ZOMG EP why are you being so mean and bitchy to her? Its not her fault she's a vegetarian and a goddamn fat tree hugging hippie! You know I don't go around bitching and being bossy about my dietary needs, so why should anyone else get in my way?

hot dog and beers!

no more pasta salad

yup bubba burgers the good stuff!

and now i shall break a rule about blogging, i'm gonna post a pic of myself! At the beach no less! *gasp*

that's me in my new sundress i bought, with my super awesome big floppy beach hat! So awesome!

omg don't you just love my pimp hat? Apparently everyone there liked it.

view of the beach, the water was COLD!

the lone rock at the beach

my feet at the beach, look a monkey towel!

ewie algae!

my super awesome pimping hat! And my new VS bikini with the bling bling on. Damn stupid tag was sticking out!

the beach just goes on forever. and yes we had beer and water at the beach.

my friend trying on the pimp hat. the hat ain't having it. LOL

some wedding party with like 10 bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, flower girls, preggers bridesmaids, parents and groomsmen were at the beach taking pictures. the bride walked along going OMG don't get my dress wet or dirty. shit bitch why you taking ur pictures at the beach for then? Geez. it looked good in the book but damn cmon didn't u realize there was sand and water there? Plus ppl at the beach enjoying the water? the bridesmaids were kinda dumb too, wearing heels on the beach. that and the fact that they were right in front of us, we didn't want to go into the water and have them take pics of us.

There was also this creepy guy, well 2 annoying guys in general. One was this creepy white guy, the kind that looks like he had kiiddie porn, he just looks like that. anyways, it was SO obvious he had a fetish, an asian fetish with the girl she was with. you couldn't get more fresh off the boat then her. OMFG, she was SO fobby, she couldn't speak english properly, she was kinda dumb, and god, she really, really, really needed um how do i say this nicely? Someone to apply make up properly on her fact so she didn't look so busted! There I said it! Her and her annoying asian friend, were totally being slow and hogging up the kabob line, their chicken didn't cook all the way, so instead of leaving it on the grill longer, they decided to take teh other stuff off the kabob, and just cook the chicken and block everyone else from putting their food on the grill. No the entire world does not revolve around you, nor does anyone else at that party have a fetish, MOVE YOUR FOB ass! that guy was super creepy!

Then there was this other guy who was so full of himself. I saw him staring at me at the beach, and that kinda creeped me out, Yes I have the pimping hat, but no u can't be staring at it. or me. he was walking around talking loudly about stupid crap. i was like ok i'm so not going over there. yes i work out, yes they named a drink after me at the gym. LAME! Then he was like oh i don't want to be in the sun, i don't want to ruin my tattoo, then Why the hell are you here then? Stop complaining! Wow I look like jimmy buffet, or james dean or some other musician at the beach. STFU! Once we went back to the beach house he starts playing his guitar in attempts to get chicks or more attention. when i finally had to cross his path, he was pretty egotistic and full of himself. I was like ugh, just let me pass.

we left and missed out on the pie my friend got sigh. But we had a great time. I played Lego Indiana Jones on the bus ride there and back. I'm glad we took the bus cause we hit traffic and it was good to have a bathroom there. Whew!

The next day I was totally sore, cause apparently i was lying on a rock, and i fell asleep on the beach, yes i know, that's kinda bad, i did apply sunblock on religiously, but apparently when i laid down i fell asleep, not sure for how long, could have been 5 min or 15. it wasn't that long.

food porn coming up soon! hope everyone else had a fun weekend!

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Violet Honeybee said...

LOL! Your posts always crack me up! =D ROFL about the vegetarian that was at your beach party. It's ok I fall asleep at the beach all the time.. O.o

xppinkx said...


PREY YOU BABE IS THAT YOU ....Finally i get to see you in the flesh...and in a bikini no less...OMgadd the beach the cooper the loft the food...looks like you had a relaxing day at the beach with good always brings EVERYTHING together...anyway back to you it's good to put a face with a witty blogga...i am gunna head up to NYC for july 4th...perhaps a clam bake or two and perhaps a purchase of a puppy...any plans for the 4th missing i cant belive it's next week where does time go before i know it i'll be fighting for scarfs at saks again for to see more food poonage, um you, and that alice and wonderland anna sui dress you mentioned at that shitacious tea party


xppinkx said...

btw i type faster then i can think...i mean "MISSY" not missing...i suck!

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa hot mama! lol i think that's the first time i've seen the pimp hat! you always have fun adventures, he he...u crack me up

Fei said...

The strawberries! They're so tiny and cute... and REAL.

ZOMG, you're smokin'! I needs more pics of you!