So apparently CVS was having a 50% sale on their sally henson lip something lipglosses. Originally 4.99, now 2.49. hey not bad right? so i got 3. I was wondering about them since I saw Tao on Youtube do a review on them. The colors are pretty decent, but the ONLY thing I don't like is that it BURNS! I've never really used those lip plumpers before, so I didn't know what to expect. OMFG! It burned my lips! I was like WTF is going on?! I really didn't enjoy that. Tinglely yes, burning NO!

Beach party this weekend! yay! My friend has a beach house and I'm totally going to mooch! Yes! Since Victorias secret was having a sale, yes in store too, yes I have to rant about that later, I ordered two bikini's. And because I have shame, I'm NOT posting pics of myself in it or at the beach, well maybe far far away...

So this is one I got, it was one sale and I had a code for like 20% off so it was like 7 bucks for the bottom and 10 for the top i think. Yes its got some bling bling on it. Its got flower pins that I'm not sure what to do with it, the back of the bikini bottom has no bling and is totally white, eeek!

I also ordered this cause I like cherries, and it looked good in the picture. Its a little bit more skimpier than the blingy one. Its shiny, the material that is, and the top, has NO lining whatsoever. I have some shame and I don't need to be poking or trying to poke people's eyes out. I always find it that nipples should not be visible in a bathing suit. that's just me personally.

Anyways today i had lunch with a friend, near Penn station. afterwards i went walking around cause i was searching for a beach hat for the beach party this weekend. I wandered into Daffys. i saw these 2 cotton dresses and went into the fitting room. I put on the dress and am adjusting the straps when suddenly some fucking indian lady and her idiot friend open the curtain to where i am. WTF?! Are you some creepy Indian woman with raging lesbian urges? I immediately yelled out HEY!!!!! I do NOT swing that way and I do NOT appreciate your creepy old ass doing that. Not even an apology or anything, she went to do it to a few other changing rooms. how fucking disgusting. Needless to say I didn't want anything from there and left. I saw the SAME creepy indian woman walk out of the dressing room to her large indian family who were looking at dresses. I was thoroughly disgusted and annoyed at her actions, and wanted to tell her off, but then realized she wouldn't fucking understand that she was a rude bitch and i didn't want her entire family screaming in bad english. Fucking rude that's what it is!

I ventured in Victoria's Secret, omfg it was their damn sale and it was crowded with ugly nasty women grabbing XL and L thongs and then being nasty women. Their make up and fragrances are mediocre. Their bras and panties are ok, but I'd rather just order it online than deal with nasty ass bitches. I still remember how two back girls were diggin in the thongs bin, small i might add when they CLEARY were not a size small, and one of them goes i need to get some more thongs (all ghetto like) cause mine broke last night. WTF? How does one break a thong? Seriously? Was your ass so nasty, and cottage cheese like that the thong just decided to commit suicide?

Forever 21, ugh, that place is just messy. I wandered around looking at stuff, and then i saw the line for the fitting room, it was WAY too long. WTF?! I don't understand why dumb women go shop there. yes its nice to have a few pieces from there, but NOT your entire wardrobe. Forever 21 is being sued by real fashion designers like Anna Sui for blatantly copying her designs, prints, patterns, etc. So forever 21 is not real fashion its the bottom of the barrel designer knock offs you can get for under $20. Not bad if you're 16, when clothes are trendy and you don't expect them to last.

Anyways that was me ranting just a bit. I'm off to Beer Garden cause I need to get drunk.

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xppinkx said...

ugh sometimes i hate shopping in NYC cuz of all the crowds...esp. forever21...and i NEVER go to VS in the city...YES!!! i bought me some 20 odd bras at the semi sale...sweet deal...i like the cherry bikini!!!...LMAO on the indian perve lady...her she likes soy with her curry ...nothing wrong with that...HAHAHA