rose tea house

One of my friends wanted to go to this tea house they had saw somewhere in queens. I have to say I was excited, who doesn't like a nice afternoon high tea? Especially when I had my alice dress, courtesy of Anna Sui. For some reason girls like alice in wonderland and the thought of a civilized afternoon tea with the fancy tea cups, and 3 tiers of snacks, pastries and cucumber sandwiches and scones. I was happy. I had my shower previously at Alice's Tea Cup here in nyc. and it was pretty awesome.

We ended up at the Rose Tea House in queens. It's apparently a big deal over in asia, taiwan and china. Let me tell you what happened when I got there. The website is completely useless. They had giant seats of roses and it totally made me think of alice in wonderland. when i walked through the door, it had a smell of roses in the air, not overwhelming where i wanted to vomit.

I found this pic online, i didn't take it, cause you know why? They do not allow photography here! WTF?! That is one thing that really annoys me, the whole no pictures, wtf? Once someone does that, oh its on! I shall not only take a million more pictures and post them online, i'll make it a point to make sure i tag it so everyone can see it! But since they saw me with the camera they kept harassing me, so my other friend had to sneak and take pics while I covered.

some display they had, as you can see I took pics from the outside.

teas for sale and such

we were a party of 6 and they obviously were not able to handle such a large group, they can handle about 2 or 3 ppl max it seems. they put us in a sectioned off room, where service was horrible. Let me repeat the service was HORRIBLE! We were ignored, and we literally had to flag people down. The wait staff was pretentious, snobby and rude. When we were finally seated, the waitress came and put down rose water which we didn't order and poured it and left. we were like wtf? she went off and we were left with menus. it took a good 15 min before the waitress came back, this time it was another one. we told her we did not order this rose water it cost $7 and we were not gonna pay for something we did not order. The 2nd waitress brings in the 1st waitress, who actually had the nerve to argue with us! We told her WE DID NOT ORDER THIS! We just sat down and she brought it and left. We told her WE DID NOT ORDER IT. and she responds i thought you did. NO WE DID NOT! Then she goes well when i brought it and put it down no one said anything, so its yours. WTF?! WE JUST SAT DOWN. HOW DID WE ORDER IT IF WE WERE JUST SEATED?! Unbelievable! The 1st waitress finally said ok and took it away. if this is how this place manages to sneak in stuff to larger parties that's pretty shady.

Ugh, I of course made the mistake of going with people with special dietary needs, meaning a vegetarian and people that ONLY eat Halal. You know people who decide to do these things and choose that way of life should understand that when we go out to certain places, that YOU need to find your own alternative. another 15 min was spent lingering over the menu. I was annoyed at this point being that the service was getting crappy.

We ordered finally, course they didn't have any waffles. WTF?! Why is it on the menu then?! Ugh! Anyways, the worst was yet to come. 6 people ordered, and they decided to bring things one at a time. first one person's tea, then another slowly. there seemed to be at least a 10 min gap between teas and things being brought to the table. We asked for napkins when the 3 tier snack thing came. They brought them when we asked for the check! HORRIBLE service!

Jasmine tea, it came first and it smelled wonderful. the tea itself was quite nice. the service was horrible

our 3 tier thing. omg. it looked nice and it was arranged nicely, but taste wise, it was like blah. The cheesecake was good but everything else was blah. i thought it was like they went to costco and bought stuff in bulk and arranged it nicely.

the sandwiches were dry, and bad, the mayo was left out too long and it showed. don't even ask me about that bell pepper thing wrapped in bologna. It was BAD!

the scone was dry. the pink cookie was freshly baked, but dry as hell. Thumbs down! they also offered these cookies to the cappuccino that came about 10 minutes before we left. And it was bad.

this is an apple infused herbal tea, cold. served in a martini glass. tasted very apple like and like cider

this is my green mango infused tea. I didn't taste any mango. It tasted mostly orange and apple. The teas overall did taste very good, the food is another story. the service is horrible.

Two of our friends decided to get a cappuccino in a tea house. ok not a great idea, but it literally took forever to come. all you do is use the damn machine and put it into the cup. it literally came 10 min before the check. One came and then my other friend was getting really annoyed cause it seemed like they forgot it. what's worse is that the waitress came by and asked us if we wanted the check. at that point my friend was totally mad. He pointed out that his drink NEVER came. 2 min later it magically showed up. he said it tasted horrible, it was beyond bitter and burnt. he drank it and the cookie was totally dry and we asked for the check. trying to pay took longer, since the wait staff disappeared and we just wanted to leave.

Absolutely horrible service. I will not be going back there! I had high expectations of this place. this place obviously doesn't know anything about afternoon tea or what snacks and food it entails. They don't really know anything about tea, and most of the people there don't seem to either. I have to say this was a terrible attempt at a tea party. Alice is not happy, not is the Mad hatter. Instead if you're looking for afternoon tea check out Alice's Tea Cup instead.

I can't believe I wore my Anna Sui dress out for this. And when I asked where the bathroom was, the waiter who was standing by was totally snobby and gave me this ugh...WTF! Do you want people to come back or not? Anyways, I'm gonna have a real tea party, the March Hare is waiting.

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Fei said...

Wow, how shitaceous. :\ The teas did look good though. Now... How did they think that that bell pepper wrapped in a blanket of bologna would be good? I think this post has inspired me to set out and try to make some dainty tea sandwiches myself.

Lily said...

ugh their service sounds really crappy. sorry you had such a horrible time lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

ewww what a horrible experience...what a waste on a dress!

xppinkx said...

how much did you guys leave for tip!...i once ate at the stanton social in the lower east side..our water was such a' was someone's "pretend" birthday...and the dude didnt even bring out the dessert or with a candle and i told him twice...and his remark was oh well...i gave him a buck...