primal emotions

when i say primal emotions i mean the emotions that we have that are just our animalistic nature. The ones that we have naturally, no facetious, no lamenting, no verbose sentences on how we feel, because someone didn't get to use all those SAT words they memorized. Basic emotions, things that make us human, our primal urges, and emotions. I can think of 4 basic ones off the top of my head, happy, anger, sad, love. they're all interlaced and connected. i would say love controls and holds all emotions. but it seems that all emotions are jumbled together and held together by a thread that's ready to snap at any second. my primal emotion today is the color green. yes. i'm making a reference to the Hulk movie that came out. my primal emotion is anger right now. Hulk just represents anger, the sheer animal, savage nature within all of us. the anger that we must contain otherwise we turn into a big green monster that destroys everything, well not everything. His strength comes from his anger. My anger comes from somewhere else and doesn't give me much strength. Only in cases of survivalism, does your brain finally say ok, this is some seriously messed up stuff. the amount of drugs they're going to pump into me isn't going to help, so we're gonna do this now, cause i'm the brain and i said so. in such extreme cases my anger gives me strength, fear gives me strength, hate gives me strength, spite too, but love just breaks it. love just breaks everything. sometimes i wish it was an emotion that u could turn off, or didn't exist. sometimes i wish my primal emotion was always anger, then i could be big green and run around in stretchy pants. but the truth is, i'm not....

“Anger sometimes is really good. A lot of people underestimate their anger, the creative power of anger. I think a lot of artists are basically very angry people and out of that anger comes creation very often”

why can't that apply to me? i feel uninspired, i do not feel i can create anything anymore. i feel as if some part of me is dying and i can't save it.

"Bear me no ill will my love we are now even."
"What do you mean? "
"What died in that room was not that woman. What has died is the last breath in me that was human"

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