Peruvian Food!

Backlogged on food poonage I know. Lots of stuff happened. Kinda all over the place. Watched my friend get set up with a girl, and be a damn big baby, being obsessed over some girl that doesn't like him in that way, and he doesn't just straight up ask her out, no he just stands there and blames god for not helping him. Shesh! So frustrating! He's not going to push her into your pants, nor his he going to make her like you magically. Please grow up and understand that if you like someone you have to talk to them like a grown up. He doesn't perform miracles for everyone. You need to get up off ur ass and do something, and meet him halfway. Anyways, moving on.

Today, I went to meet my friend in chinatown to have dimsum which was a goddamn bad idea being that its filled a million people as it is, but on the weekends there's about 5 million. Anyways, my friend was about half an hour late, and normally it wouldn't have pissed me off, except for the fact that i went there for him, and fucking fell on the steps, busted my knee and shin. It wouldn't have hurt so much if the goddamn stairs didn't have metal on them either! Fuckers kept walking by me while I was gimpy and in main, a nice tourist helped me to the side. it totally sucked. i was totally alone, in pain, embarrassed, and surrounded by complete strangers. the restaurant guy got me a seat and i sat there waiting for my friend. needless to say we left and i was NOT happy. My knee still hurts, it totally sucks.

I went to see Sex and the city today. finally right? Not bad, its like a really long episode. not bad, lots of old chicks though.

anyways food and my gfs went to eat peruvian food last week. it was this nice place in brooklyn.

the menu. It was a nice place, they had different lights, sadly there was a green light over our table.

these are corn poppers i guess, they're pretty good.

the ceviche is amazing! damn you green light! its seafood and it was so DAMN GOOD! and that corn is peruvian corn. its like HUGE, creamy, starchy and yummy!

that crab was amazing! the onion with the lemon juice is a GREAT combo!

it came with a salad, and fries. Yes those are tomatoes, no we didn't eat them. Yes be aware of the tomato salmonella!

peruvian chicken! spices and roasted, definitely yummy!

new zealand mussels marinated with chopped onions, red peppers, plum tomato, corn & garlic in a light cilantro lemon juice

Inca Kola!!!

Lucuma Ice cream

more corn snacks....

not sure if i'm gonna go intern, totally not in the fucking mood to deal with those douches. my knee fucking hurts and i'm too fucking tired to deal with anyone. anyways more stuff, more food poonage...beach party coming up too! woot!

game design company call me!!!!

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xppinkx said...

i love me some ceviche...looks pretty darn good to me...ummm isnt the majority of asian men like that...oh wait god did give them a wing man who are also blessed with corny pick up lines...that never work...and yeah the CDior phone is pure wackness...

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa those pics look amazing....yummmmm...sorry about your knee, that happened to me once before I was presenting in a business communications final...tore up my new business suit day you'll be able to look back and giggle!

Fei said...

I use the Shu oil in the morning because of the greasy mess I have to remove from my face (pearl cream). I figured, since it's so great with removing makeup it'll remove the cream totally. But before that, I just reserved the oil for nights when I have to wash the day away. It lasts so long anyway... So I'll use it nights too!

I thought the corn snacks was garlic!

I FINALLY watched the SATC movie too. I actually got bored with it and didn't finish watching.