Game Design Interview

First i'm a writer, now i'm interviewing for a game design company. My life definitely takes turns, and I just gotta go with it. Kinda like the giant wave at the beach, you can ride it or fight it and drown in it.

So yesterday I had my interview at the game design company. It was pretty cool...they were very casual and laid back there and happy. And orange!

they make games here. forgot my camera so i was reduced to using my camera phone again. Doh!

and they had games there! old skool!

I met with the girl who went to my school a couple of years ago. she said she had a good feeling about me, and that she liked me. i hope she did. paid internship. she said it would be for 3 months, and in the fall it had the possibility of turning into a full time job. please let them call me back! I then talked to another guy there, and then I met with the founder of the company/game designer. yes that was like whoa. dude you're a game designer!!!! i think he was amused by my dude you're a game designer!!!!! i picked his brain on where he gets his inspiration from. kinda cool. I do hope they call me back. that and the fact that both guys asked me what I did at DC Comics.

I was the 2nd person they interviewed, and they're still interviewing till next week, I won't hear anything till the end of next week. Pray that I get this gig!

afterwards I went to eat, cause i was starving. I ended up eating at rickshaw dumpling. Not bad. Not enough MSG. plus it was filled with non asian ppl pretending they knew what asian food was. alas...

pork and chives! fried! the sauce container says dip me, so cute!

the decor inside was cute.

afterwards i met up with my friend from school around union square. I saw this Ikea thing. One opening up in Brooklyn. awesome right? more traffic, more congestion, more consumer whores!

my friend was graduating, and suddenly his feminst, i don't need no man, i don't need no hair, i don't need to confirm to your sexist ways teacher, accuses him of cheating! WTF! The thing is, she didn't really have any solid proof, so she drags him into this inquisition, with 2 other assholes, hoping to wear him down. Nope. They tried to run him around and make him confused. Nope. He remained firm that he did not cheat. I mean cmon, they all had the same textbook, and the same facts were going to be spewed out. I find it funny that this feminist teacher doesn't go harass the other student that allegedly let him copy off. They want him to go back again. Which was pretty much a sign, that they had jack on him, and they're trying to wear him down. Told him, stay strong, they have jack shit on him, and its just a waiting game on who gets tired first. That and if they want to be real assholes, to bring in a lawyer and bring this game to the big leagues. and don't forget the race card. oh yeah, ms i'm a bald feminist that don't need no man, real nice you're going after a male student, who's NOT white. Yeah is that racial profiling?

Food pics coming up!

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xppinkx said...

thos ikea trucks freak me out...i was driving and one passed me i almost did not realize the car in front of me i almost had a full on crash! fuckers...oh god are you serious they are opening one in if Ny did not have enough shopping or people...Btw im heading up to NY again...and foodie suggestions...and food fairs???anything...and this time i'll remember to bring my camera...
Hope you get the gamer job dude...