Bridal showers, strawberries, my weekend and such

I had a busy weekend. One could say very busy with all the events that were happening. This is going to be a long post. So on Friday I had planned to go to the Betsey Johnson sample sale again. course my lazy ass never really quite made it there, as there were several distractions along the way. i wonder if I missed out on some more deals there, if they had brought out more stuff. But then I ask myself do I really need more stuff? So then met up with friends, ate, and went to see the very sexy angelina jolie movie Wanted. Angelina is quite sexy in the movie. granted she doesn't say much and just looks all mysterious, quiet and sexy. damn I want her hair and eye makeup. Why can't I do a smokey eye on a monolid? Sigh.

It was a great movie! Though I was totally disappointed that they didn't kill as nearly enough people as they could. I mean honestly, its an assassin movie! EVERYONE should be dead! LOL! JK! Entertaining, violent, shoot em up, kill em, blow them up with rats and look good while doing it. Though the guy in the movie totally reminds me of the dude from scrubs, but clearly he's not the same dude. Also Wanted is a comic book, I wasn't aware of this until my comic book friend told me, and then i went to read up more about it. Now I want to read the graphic novels and see what its all about. Apparently for the first half of the movie it sticks to the comic, then it diverges and goes on this own way, the ending still tries to cling to the comic. Its rare to have a movie breaking the 4th wall.

I also spilled hot chocolate onto my white eyelet shirt and betsey johnson skirt. I pretty much freaked out, being that it was betsey johnson and that my shirt was white. I quickly got some seltzer and attempted to blot it out. surprisingly after pouring 1/4 of the can onto my skirt, after it dried you couldn't see it anymore. Whew! My white shirt, i blotted and blotted but it still stayed there. when I got home i quickly washed it in the sink, and got it out. Note to self, no more drinking and walking at the same time while wearing betsey johnson ever again. I have to say Betsey got mad at me for spilling stuff onto her.

Saturday, i was running all over the place. Went out to long island to riverhead to the outlets. Along the way we saw a farm stand with strawberries in which we stopped and wanted to get some. Natural ones without being hormone injected to be big and large taste better. Course they didn't really have any there, they told us the season was pretty much over. *cries* But they said hey, next to us is a strawberry field you can go pick your own. Now you'd think oh yeah strawberry picking, sounds awesome! It must be so fun. Strawberries are so yummy, and nice, they must be wonderful to pick! NO! Let me tell you right now, the strawberry is a dirty, nasty, disgusting fruit! Good god! I have no idea how they grow this stuff commercially and pick it. I hope they're paying these migrant workers a decent amount!

these are the strawberry fields, they might as well be the fucking killing fields.

this is me and my pimping hat. I'm glad i took it along that day the sun was beating down on you without mercy. there was a breeze so it wasn't horrible but the sun was harsh. Some ppl brought umbrellas!

look a strawberry in its natural habitat

strawberries we picked. they were all small

me as a migrant worker picking strawberries

more strawberries, yes they look very red

mutant strawberry!

So the reason why the strawberry is a nasty, dirty fruit is because, its a goddamn bush. yes low to the ground covered by leaves, which inhabit many different bugs in all different sizes, spiders, more bugs, dirty, and god knows what else. You have to get down on your knees almost to be able to find these suckers. You have to move the leaves around and then some bug jumps on you. I hate nature. Then when you see a nice red one, you reach for it, and realize the bugs got to it first and started eating it. Or the fruit was so heavy it reached the ground and started turning into mush. Highly frustrating. They love to grow near mud and water. Another reason why it wasn't that enjoyable. Imagine having to crouch down in mud, course i wasn't having that, so i was standing in a weird position but a got a few. It took the 4 of us about 15 min before we said this totally sucks, its hot and these bratty kids are loud and annoying and clearly didn't eat enough strawberries and far too many burgers. The strawberries themselves were good, we washed them off at the outlets and ate them, they were very sweet and there's nothing like it. the sweetness and taste disappears apparently after 30 min after you pick it. So eat it fast. It cost us 1.75 per pound, we paid 1.75 and left. We were paid less than migrant workers, how sad. I honestly don't know how anyone can go into the field and work like that. It is extreme weather, harsh sun and bad on your joints.

At the outlets, went to the CCO, saw stuff, didn't buy. sigh. went to the lancome store, saw stuff didnt' buy. sigh. Saw the MAC tendertones there, but sigh couldn't justify it to myself to buy it. sigh. Went back to the city, cause my friend had to go get stuff from target and BJ's. which is like sam's club and costco. Good god the amount of loud ghetto ass ppl there was staggering. Long lines of ghetto ppl with their annoying loud bratty kids made me want to stab each and every one of them. Do you REALLY need a case of kotex tampons? Do you bleed that much in a month? Do you need that tub of mayo and gallon of ketchup? The stuff people were buying just made me sick. The lines were incredibly long and the ppl were rude. One lady accused another of cutting the line. While complaining she opens up the giant box of hagaan daz ice cream bars and eats one and complains. damn ghettoness. my idiot guy friend wanted a ps3 and apparently BJ had it. once he got the slip and got up to the cashier and paid for it took forever for the guy to find it. meanwhile this loud black lady started screaming and yelling. there was a cop there and she had to walk over and calm her down. apparently someone cut in the line. But she got way loud and hostile. OMFG what kind of ppl go to BJ's? GHETTO ones. then my friend comes back and tells us they don't have the ps3 and that it was a dummy box. and he had to get a refund. sigh. BJ's is really sucking bad.

Had dinner at a cuban place, it was pretty nice. nice staff, nice presentation, good food. a tapas place. food pics for that coming up. then today sunday i had a bridal shower in brooklyn of all places. it was a peruvian place and it was ok. we played games and we won prizes. i'd post pics but this post is long enough.

the art blog ppl got really worried being that i show up once a week now instead of the 2-3x previously. course the guy royally pissed me off with the whole i want to get advertisers on the site, its not like i want to make money off the site, but it would be nice to get money so i can pay good writers. you know the part when i went WTF? why don't u pay me instead of stuffing ur own fucking pocket? Yeah after that I went in once a week and sometimes not even, i'd email them and ask what do you want me to write? well apparently they got really worried and emailed me friday that they wanted to pay me for my hard work. Of course the email was vague not too clear. They said they got advertisers and if they got more they could pay me more. hmm. a little sketchy. they decided to be more vague and then write some stuff to inflate my ego so i'd stay. Hmm...well let's find out what's gonna happen tomorrow, cause i want this to be totally clear.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

another crazy weekend for you! lol...i saw wanted too, that movie was kick ass! of course i kept staring down angelina's makeup the whole time too...upon examination...i think she just lined her eyes with black liner and just smudged them a whole lot...i think you could do that too

xppinkx said...

Strawberry Fields Forever!!!

reminds me of that kick ass movie across the has to be one of my fav really liked wanted?! i thought it was kinda crap...and angelina jolie looks a bit haggard dont cha say...i dunno i have to have a movie really knock my socks off to be good...the story line for me didnt flow...The Looms, the curved bullet, the main character with janked up teeth..i dunno hun...but nothing was suicidal as the hulk

You and kids...lmao i dont think you like runts that much...WOMAN you know that these ghetto people gotta buy a gallon of lard cuz they have like 5 million kids and 8 million baby daddies to feed...and i have to catch up with all of your posts that i have missed... im reading slowly but im giddyat your bitchiness...i heart your blogga..

vivian said...

OMG i have the same tokidoki bag !! I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE TOKIDOKI! I was sad that they dc'd the bags though :(.. Booo