Big Apple BBQ!

Whew! It god damn ass hot this weekend! Like in the 90's with lots of nice sticky humidity and heat and sun. My god it's disgusting, and its still disgusting now! But you know, that doesn't stop anyone from getting good BBQ! My friend apparently got a Free Pass, cause she ordered it MONTHS in advance, and she went saturday, ate her fill with her friend and was done. she offered it to me, to use, and zip around the VIP area and to skip the long lines, apparently she was all BBQed out. I looked at pass she ate about $70 worth of food!? Crikey! that's a lot! She left me with 28, which was a damn lot.

I still can't get over hot fucking hot it was! Plus with ppl bbq, it was 10x hotter, smokier, and grosser. if that were at all possible. But I felt worse for them cause they were the ones actually cooking and stuff. Me and my friend went to the vip area, which was a good thing, cause it was behind the booth, which had trees for shade and benches for people to sit on. whew! The general public had to stand in the sun on these LONG lines...remindeds one of being at disney world, hot humidity, long longs...ugh...

But yes onto the food porn! Cause we all know the internet is for food porn!

its good to be in nyc sometimes!

it all starts with this pass. yes this enables me to walk behind into the shade and skip the long ass lines....

yes they're cooking whole hog baby!

the view from the vip area. in the shade, and away from the sun. and damn do you see all that pork skin!?!!

So the whole hog people are from The Pit, Raleigh, NC. Yes the South does know how to make bbq!

yes he's opening it up, letting the smoke out, and turning these hogs over. oh yeah, that is some GOOD stuff! They clearly know what they're doing!

OMFGO Pork skin! This is the real stuff people! Not that fake stuff you buy, pork grinds! This stuff is AWESOME! Crunchy, and flavorful...*drool*

my whole hog sandwich. I have to say, the pork skin showed above was only for the VIP people, and not the general public. Yes I would have been mad too! Like wtf?! But its a good thing we had the pass then!

check out those ribs!

Mr Cecil's Ribs from california.

its a BIG damn beef rib! Oh yeah! now I know what you're thinking, californians know bbq? They apparently do know beef wheatgrass here!

extreme close up! It was very good, it also came with a cajun sausage. it had a bit of a kick to say the least.

Pork ribs! From texas! They know bbq!

checkered pig!

more dead animal flesh!

and here we have the famous salt lick from texas. damn their line was HUGE! Even the vip line, was just as long as the line in the front!

the line ends with the guy with the green flag. yes its a VERY long line

big bob gibson. his line was LONG! but from the vip area it wasn't bad. and DAMN, he knows bbq! Check him out if you're ever in Alabama. Damn the south knows bbq. they have the bible belt and lots of guns, but DAMN they know bbq!

my pulled pork sandwich with sauce. omfg god the sauce totally does it!

spicy mustardy coleslaw. I don't like coleslaw, but damn this was GOOD!

the view of the park, damn it was crowded with people. they had live music as well, but being the food pornographer that I was, i didn't venture into the music. But it was pretty good. Plus there were drunk people there too.

big mama!

do you see the size of that thing?!

BBQ lovers unite! That was some damn good bbq! and that pretentious food critic was there. the one from iron chef america, the man who ate everything. Yes him, walking around the vip area, like yes i belong here, i have eaten everything, dragging with him his rachel ray everyday cart...ugh anwyays...hope you liked the food porn!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

oh my gosh talk about i want bbq for lunch instead of these dang fruit snacks, lol

sophie said...

wow your my hero lols~ withstanding that heat 4 food made w/even more heat? sooo jls tho~ that bbq looks worth it

Fei said...

I LOOOVE BBQ. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. My bf hates bbq. Can you believe that!?!? More for me!

CuttiBeBe said...

omg! how come i don't know about things about this? i'm a big time foodie too, but i definitely don't know these events like you do.

where do you find out about these events? i need to sign up!