Betsey Johnson Sample Sale!

yes its that time of the year again ladies, time where all the UGLY, NASTY, FAT, COTTAGE CHEESE ASSES, NO BRA WEARING SAGGY BOOBS, women come out of hiding and try to squeeze their nasty disgusting ghetto asses into pretty Betsey Johnson dresses. Sigh. Women if you are clearly NOT a size 4 or 6, please put it down, and let those of us who ARE those sizes try on those dresses. You are clearly a size 8 and above, accept it, deal with it, find the dress in YOUR size and move the fuck on!

Ok, with that said, there was one lady running around topless, ewie. trying on many dresses ewie, I do not want to see your saggy boobs, no one here does, please refrain from showing everyone as we clearly do not care or want to see them. Please wear a bra as you CLEARLY need the support. When I try on stuff I keep my bra and panties on, cause you know why? I'm not a nasty ass bitch. And I don't want your sweaty nipples on my dress. Simple as that.

This year the sale was in the Millennium hotel near times square. change of decor. They finally got smart and decided geez why not get the people who work in the retail store to come help and work the registers. geez that would make so much more sense than to have people from the show room. And it would be smarter to have more than 2 registers this time, like 5 would be better. Wow! Only took them how long to figure that out.

Then there was that everso annoying black lady, ugh. she's an accountant, and her voice is the most fucking annoying shrill i want to stab myself in the head if i have to listen to you talk another second. she was screaming and yelling that the cash line was empty. no shit. who carries that much cash on them? that alludes to my other point.

Usually they have a sign that just says yes dresses are $XX evening dresses are $XX tops are $XX. This year they decided they were above and beyond that. WTF?! Clearly the samples were the only deal out there. The samples, which were size 6, which I can wear, but is a bit loose that requires some tailoring, I picked up a few sample items and they were the cheapest things there. The dresses I picked up, well DAMN! They were like the stuff that's not a sample is 30-75% off. like WTF? How confusing is that. the line was incredibly long. and I was so NOT in the mood being that I was holding all this stuff, and this annoying fat white girl was behind me chatting away about stupidness. STFU no one cares about your opinion or the fact that you can squeeze ur fat ass into a dress.

So onto the main event. They had TONS of dresses, some of them were totally current, like one I saw in Macy's. It was super cute, and something you would wear to a crazy ass tea party. but it was like $425! Outrageous! Clearly I do not pay full retail price for clothing.

So this is the dress, I searched all over for it, but I could only find a size 6. Sigh. Ok, I take it with me to see how much it is. They wanted to fucking charge me $127 for a cotton dress! WTF? It was cute and pretty but not THAT cute and pretty, and it was cotton! I said no way! I don't want it! It wasn't in my size either so I let it go. sigh.

then there was this dress, blue and white stripes, kinda reminds me of a candy striper. It was cute, it was cotton and a light summery dress. yes it was a little poufy. I get up there and they want to charge me $92 for a cotton dress! WTF?! Are you out of your mind?! I didn't want to pay 127 for the other cotton dress, what makes you think I want this one for 30 bucks less? If its cotton you better but WAY cheaper. Do I sound like an elitist snob? IT WAS FUCKING COTTON! NOT SILK, NOT SATIN, not even lace with beads, sequins or anything!

I so wanted this dress! I've seen it in magazines and such, and some celebutard was wearing it, and i was like I SO WANT THAT! I found it, and snatched it up!

detail of top part

me wearing the dress. I love the color and the way the fabric reflects the light. I remember seeing a similar version of this dress in her fashion show. *sighs* So pretty! and its MINE!

my sexy armpit hee hee. yes that's a flower.

there was some annoying lady and her daughter there, I've seen them there at previous sample sales, they get there first day early and ask for a box, and grab all the dresses and throw them into this box, all in her size. they grab all the nice stuff. then they spend the rest of the time going through the box. and going yes or not. course they also snatched up my dress in the process, apparently i was lucky enough to grab one in my size cause they grabbed them all, because she wanted one with the flower on it. yes the flower. after they rejected the ones they didn't want she was complaining about the flower. I didn't know the dress came with a flower, i saw a lonely size 8 with a flower, took the pin off that one and put it on mine and went on my merry way. course these two plus their dumb sister couldn't figure that out. they tried on a ton of dresses, then discarded the ones on a nearby rack, when someone went to look at them, her bitchy sister would go NO those are hers! WTF! I just heard her say no i don't want them i don't like this . WTF?! Total bitches! Well it didn't take me all fucking morning to look for a dress with a flower, i just found a flower and put it on mine! Morons!

here is the flower in question.

I got this cute blue dress, yes blue! its a little poufy but cute. I really do like it!

the back of the dress. yes the model wears it better. so what?!

detail of dress top part, yes I am TAN!

detail of the top more. i really like this blue.

And I got this tea dress! OMFG yes this is for a tea party! This is a TEA PARTY DRESS! It's SO DAMN PUFFY! I was so lucky to have found it. IN MY SIZE! Everyone was asking me where I got it from. Apparently a lot of ppl wanted thsi one, or one that was similar.

And you know why else i like this dress? Cause its got a HUGE fucking bow on it! Hellz yeah!

this dress was no joke puffy! *Swoons* now I wonder where will I wear this to? Who cares! Its MINE!! And I shall be happy with it! Its so time for tea!

sample top! it was only $15. not bad. it's knit and says sample on it written inside on the back but it doesn't show through thank goodness! It says its a medium but it fits me just fine, and I usually wear a small, glad that I picked it up and tired it.

Boob shot! apparently it was a sample from fall 05. OMG i'm wearing stuff that's like 3 years past...i'm so not with fashion! *gasp*

denim jacket. another sample. you can see my tea dress wanting to get more attention in the background. hee hee. I've never had a jacket like this. short sleeved that is, puffy sleeve too i might add, but it was cute when i tried it on.

see it buttons up nicely and is form fitting. I haven't worn a denim jacket in ages! I guess denim is in again. hee hee.

Whew! That sale seriously cost me a good chunk of change that I didn't have. so sad. and then they sent me another email saying they're bringing out new stuff every day. QQ. Ok maybe I'll go check it out friday just once to see if they've decided to reduce more prices.

Afterwards I had to go to Victorias secret to get a bridal shower present for my friend. god damn annual sale, with ugly fat, nasty women there too. finally found something in her size and paid for it. course they didn't have any boxes, just the stupid little ones for gift cards. ARGH! At that point i was annoyed and irritated beyond belief, can one really be mad at shopping? I think I reached that today. How sad. I know....

I'm thinking about wearing the blue dress to my friend's bridal shower but it may be too dresses so i amy just wear a cotton marc jacob's dress i have instead. Any thoughts?

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SUGABUM said...

You're such an enabler! I recently moved back to NYC from the west coast and I want to eat everywhere that you review...and now this sample sale! Luckily I'm pretty busy the next couple of days, otherwise I'd be so tempted to check out that sale. Maybe I can make some time. Do they offer really small sizes at the sample sale, like size 0 or 2? The dresses you got are so beautiful!

Love your blog!

jie jie said...

Those dresses look gorgeous on you! I like the tea dress best though. You're so lucky to get those in great deals. I kinda like the blue/pink more than the plain blue. It might be just hte angle from where you took the picture from, but the pink/blue dress make you look taller and your waist much much MUCH smaller.

sophie said...

jealous jealous jealous!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa those dresses are too cute! i love the last one the fun! the perks of living in the big city ;) i'm remember your betsy johnson post last year he he

Vanessa said...

OMG!!!!! That is super cute on you! You have such a nice body! I am loving the tea party dress that is super fucking cute! And LOL at the lady and her topless self, that is hella nasty.

Oh! And sadly the jelly balm does nto have SPF. :(

connie- said...

The dresses you got are sooo cute.

xppinkx said...

I went to bestey Johnson this weekend and i nabbed my a makeup case...

We dont have sample sales in shit town boston!!!...i did see the cream colored dress with the big bow...that is my FRAVORITE...i cant belive you got all of these dresses!...where will you wear these fabulous dresses! in's def. a dress where you sit outside and have a picnic smoke a joint and follow the bum down a rabbit hole then get raped...

what does the marc jacobs look like???

i love it prey...

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i'm so jealous! i just started liking her stuff but its nowhere available in Canada, and you get them that cheap at sample sales? i need to move to NY...the only dress of hers I got from the outlets was still $185.