been playing hookey

I'm alive, been a busy week, weekend, and such. Lots of food porn coming up, you know I always deliver on the food poonage. Art blog interning sucks as always. I'm not there and they seriously have no idea what they're doing ugh. I have an interview with a game design company tomorrow, let's hope it rocks and i get it.

there was this HUGe heatwave over here, i think all over the east side of the US. Totally humid and hot, and no ac. that was so ungodly. My ferret was totally unhappy as well. Anyways monday rolls around I'm thinking about going to intern cause they have free AC and internet. Course my friend calls instead and asks to go to the beach, and therefore I play hookey and go to the beach instead. Course I didn't know that beaches here charge an entrance fee. WTF?!

the beach, free beach in oyster bay. lots of rocks, seashells and algae. Plus there was too much cottage cheese butts, tummies and other things flopping around. *shudders*

my feet at the beach, I was wearing spf 70, i got burned on this one spot i guess i didn't reach right below my neck, where my bathing suit was. ugh. but we went into the water which was cold, but it did cool us off a bit.

we had some natural organic strawberries, very sweet and not hormone injected. Yes all these were taking with my camera phone cause i forgot my camera at home! Doh!

when we went to get water and we saw this in the store. Strange right? Kiwano horned melon that's what its called.

Really annoyed at the stupid art blog, they are pretty ungrateful for everything. So I'm so focusing on my own art blog which is getting a decent amount of hits.

beef pizzle. we saw this at the chinese supermarket when my friend had to pick up something for dinner. Just guess what it is...hee hee!

And some total randomness, this guy was giving out free pet food around peen station today...expensive science diet natural dog food!

Food porn coming up. Just been busy. I got a thing from coach giving me 25% off, and then I got an email from MAC about getting 15% off!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

he he beef pizzle...

xppinkx said...

ahhhh i see prey's feet...that's as good as it get huh...Beef pizzle! i swear the people who label the meat are from china and watch snoop dog....Pizzle wizzle snizzle baby!