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Scrambling around this week. First up what is up with the crane collapses here in nyc? Didn't we have one collapse in march? You'd think they'd learn by now. But no, another one fell. Its' all over the news right now, and it looks pretty bad again. I have to say I hate the mayor, he has an annoying verbose way of talking.

So here's a little haul I did.

I got the clinique all about the eyes rich, and they gave me a free sample of their antioxidant moisturizer. Not bad. I've been using the Dr. Brant r3p eye cream. its very rich and goes in nicely. but its super expensive! I saw it on the sephora site and was like WTF? I had gotten free samples of it and have been using it. Meanwhile I think its time for me to get a facial already, you gotta love those extractions.

I've been working on my art blog, writing articles, gathering gallery info, gathering gallery openings and shows. Its a lot of work and very tiring, and very time consuming. I've got to add in more links and artists and I'm working in wordpress for this. And I'm trying to find a place to host all the images. Whew. I even got someone who found the site and linked to it cause they liked what I wrote. so that's good.

I went to an interview for this website in beta, its trying to be like time out new york or new yorker for events and stuff. I get there all excited cause the girl said they were hiring. course when i get there, and its in brooklyn in this building that they're doing carpentry in. The girl was a little bit ditzy and then tells me at the interview its an internship! not only that it was unpaid! I was like WTF?! Then don't say you're HIRING! OMFG! She offered me a design position, layout and design for the site. Not bad, being that I'm writing right now. Not sure so I'm just thinking about it.

I'm heading out to my school's MFA thesis show in chelsea.

I had my piece shown in the chelsea art museum last year. its pretty awesome when your stuff is in the gallery and people get to see it.

meanwhile the prick at the art blog has decided that he wants advertising on his site, and he wants us ppl who AREN'T marketing ppl to do it for him, and he'll give us like 20% of what we bring in. His original plan was to get big names like Christie's to advertise on the blog. Look genius, Christie's doesn't NEED or WANT your crappy little blog advertising. Now he's going to the "competition" art sites that have advertising and going to harass the ppl who advertise there. What's worse is that he offers this me like its a grand gesture of some sort like oh wow I can make money. You know what? You can just pay me for the work and articles I write for you instead! But what really pissed me off was that he was going on about how he wasn't trying to make money, that he wanted the site to do more, oh right and where was the money going? in his pocket that's where. and not only that, he had the nerve to say yeah if the ads bring in like 2G a month that would be great i could use it to pay and get more writers. OMFG! Did he just have the nerve to say that? I think he did. I got totally annoyed at him bc he won't pay me per article and has the nerve to say i should do more grunt work for him, bc he's too cheap to get an actual marketing person and only offering me a small percentage. The only reason why i'm still at that art blog is bc it looks damn good on my resume and I'm learning now they gather info, and what things I should not do.

Meanwhile the gymnast is trying to get her hand into the art blog. He has her sitting there going through the NY Times for interesting art stuff. LAME! He also got another intern, some blonde chick from long island who sits there and chats with her friends. Ugh. why is it all the interns are dumb blondes? I'm so getting out of there, but I'm so stealing their tactics.

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