uncomfortable shoes and beauty

I mean seriously, who would really wear these? Incredibly short people? I think its a bit much...

I don't think that ballet dancers who are on point would wear these either. They look really uncomfy, sure you'd look taller but all that pressure are on your toes. is that really necessary? And that just reminds me of footbinding...which was something they did in china back in the day which well, wasn't the greatest thing to be doing.

but that just leads into things that women have been subjected to in the name of beauty. like corsets, neck rings

I don't think that this women thinks she's ugly. Nor does she apply our standards of beauty to herself.

Lip Plates Here the lower front teeth are removed and a small incision is made where a small baked piece of clay or plate is inserted and then replaced with a bigger and bigger piece. Now I know that some of us here may not find it beautiful, but in their culture it is. That and it also deals with wealth and status and social standing and etc. But who are we to judge?

Afterall we're a society that condemns fat people, ridicules anorexic skeletons for not eating, praises, tall, skinny, big boobed, thin waist, curvy bottom, long legs, big eyes, full lips and perfect straight teeth, and any deviation from that results in being anything less than perfection. there are what? 7 victoria secret models out there? How many of us actually look like them? Hmmm none. Like there are 5 billion women in the world and only 5 of them are super models, does that mean the rest of us are ugly? I hope not.

I guess I'm just rambling...

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Violet Honeybee said...

Yah... we really shouldn't/can't judge anyone else when here we are with plastic surgery and breast implants being done left and right. =/ The shoes look funky though.. and painful lol.

What's the silver powder? I've heard about it but what exactly does it do?