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so working at that art blog is kinda annoying. if you didn't detect my annoyance level going up there. Anyways. I've decided to start up my own art blog, a real one, about cooler multi media mixed art and stuff. i mean there's more than google out there to do stuff you know? and since i know about other stranger artists and know people who know about stranger art, i think i have a better shot at it. and i'm gonna keep it real, none of this pretentious, elitist wannabe crap. Its like art for the common person, so they can understand and appreciate it. you don't have to be an elitist to know and like art. and god i can't stand how old people who know nothing about art, suddenly decide to go to museums and talk about modern art as if they knew anything about it at all. Much like that time I went to the Moma, and they had the Dadaism exhibit. Some fat old lady with a can was arguing about this to a complete strange, this poor man was standing there looking at the art. and she was bitching about Duchamp's Foundation.

lady. stop being loud and annoying in a gallery. People have already had this argument over it. they did it like over 80 years ago. and it was done by people a lot more knowledgeable and less annoying than you. Drop it and move on. if you don't understand it or appreciate it, don't be in the Moma, maybe the Met is more your alley.

anyways its raining now, so i'm gonna post some senseless pics. Mostly because i'm suppose to be writing my great american novel and screenplay, the rain should help my mood. I hope it does. write what you know, make it personal, make it real. sometime its too real. gotta fix and update my damn portfolio too. sigh. so much to do, as well as apply to places as a freelance writer too,..

Haul pics!

yes I bought one of these too. I bought this a while ago just never posted the pic. I'm loving the blush brush, its like super soft and nice. the other brushes are nice too, though the eyebrow one totally sucks! Royally sucks! I mean it! its plastic, and the bristles are so hard and hurt on my hand, no way am i using it on my face! but the brushes are super soft. i washed them and they're pretty good so far....

Shu Umera stuff! These are the free samples I got. They were doing free shipping so I caved and bought one item, I've been eyeing for a while now. They're cutting down on the packaging, before they would give u the cleansing oil in a bottle like the blue bottle up there. hmmm

deep sea lotion. its really water i guess. but i like it i was totally in love with it when i got the free sample last time. I like the clinique lotion 2, but its got too much alcohol and smells bad now. I have to fan my face when i use it. I'm halfway through that bottle so after it I'm gonna use my shu!

I got this from a makeupalley swap. I haven't done that in a while but i had too much crap and I swapped it out for these two. A nice chanel nail polish. and she gave me the clinque repairware as well. not bad, feels nice. no problems so i'm happy, its always good to get rid of stuff and get better stuff that one would actually use.

and what post would be complete without food pics?! You know me!

Some real soda, not that corn syrup one! it tasted pretty good and I was happy with it.

some yummy wood oven pizza! Via Waldy's in NYC. It was freshly made, and hot, and super yummy. just mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. Al the good stuff...

Let's see what this weekend brings me!

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Violet Honeybee said...

Mmmm.. Pizza.. *drools

You're REALLY making me wanna buy those brushes!!! *rawr!!

Vanessa said...

Gotta love those Eco Tools brushes! They are super soft and gosh what an amazing price!