Rain today...

So its raining today. I didn't intern today, since yesterday became really annoying. There's this new intern there, she's blonde and like you know like I'm not from like, the city right? so like...Yes, please stop talking right now. What's worse is that I've realized how skeevy the guys there are. One guy was totally greasy towards her, he was making conversation, and then when she said she was a "gymnast" he was totally on her like a cheap date. Ugh. I can't eat cheese cause it makes you fat, and I'd be a lot thinner if I didn't eat cheese. oh please. I'm thinner than you, but you don't see me chomping down a cheese wheel like you either. I have to watch what I eat cause I'm in a leotard all the time.
do we really have to hear this? Or when i was younger me and my friends worked in a buffet and dressed up as pirates and we made lots of money, but I was always the mermaid. needless to say when the guy heard gymnast he already had his own ideas. It was a pathetic conversation.

Skeevy guy: do you do flips and stuff?
Blonde: yeah I go on the balance beam and uneven bars
skeevy: oh well I go snowboarding

Blonde: I'm looking for a gym that has mats and where I can practice. Its hard to find a place that has all that stuff
Skeevy: Well (flexes muscle) I work out at Crunch (typical of a wannbe yuppie)

Skeevy: Hey look at my belt! (yes he lifts his shirt up to show her his "belt" yes I do realize this was a cheap ploy on his part to make her check out his "goods" how pathetic)
Blonde: Oh is that cross stich?
Skeevy: no its needlepoint

As you can see I work with morons. I also realize the idiot that's in charge of IT doesn't know anything and is just a wannabe real estate agent that can't get anything. He took one of his clients to an auction and wanted to charge the auction house a fee. When people told him um, that's not gonna happen, he was like why? because you didn't make a sale! The auction house did! But I brought the client there! So then they devised to charge the client a fee for bringing him to the auction which is pretty retarded, cause the client could have gone there on his own. He's not very smart and can't cut it as a real estate person either. He knows jack shit about the web, and showed me how ignorant and stupid he is. the art blog is a sinking ship, I'm not gonna bother to help them at this point, cause if you have ignorant people who feel threatened by a female that has brains and knows how the internet works, and refuses to listen, well then its your sinking ship.

Anyways here are some pics of the place where i "work" I took these with my camera phone cause honestly it looks crappy either way.

yes I sit there and get a great view of the door, esp of ppl's faces when they look and see what kind of set up we have going on. The helmet belongs to some british sounding old guy (he's not really british, he's using a bad accent) that really doesn't know jack about anything, esp how to use his macbook laptop...ignorance of some people...

i turn around and guess what? no walls, no cubicles nothing. You see everything, you hear everything, if one person decides to start talking loud on the phone its very distracting and you really can't hear or concentrate. This minimalist look they're trying looks really ghetto.

the one cubicle area they do have, that's where they hide the printer, fax machine, water, and supplies.

I told you I wasn't making this up! They make money selling over priced properties in ny, miami, la and a few other places. I really think they could afford an office with furniture.

Its a indiana jones mr potato head! Now who's gonna go see the movie?

Food porn!!!!

Happy Hippos! Surprisingly they're made in Germany but my PR friend told me about them cause he loves them!

Look at the happy hippo wondering what's going on...

OMG! He's trying to escape!!!! Get him!!!! I love how he has eyebrows! LOL! chocolate goodness inside...oh yeah...hmmm....*drool*

More food porn pics coming up...I ordered some stuff as well, so it'll be a haul/food porn post hee hee. Who doesn't love food porn? I also started my own art blog. I just have to post some stuff, and then my art blog has somehow joined a network of other blogs, more on that later.

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Violet Honeybee said...

Indiana Jones FTW!! I'm gonna go see it! MWahahaha!

The hippo thing is cute.. I want one too! LoL. the guy sounds like a total loser.. and the girls kinda ditzy for going along in the conversation O.o

xppinkx said...

Dude that looks like a tasty penis

Vanessa said...

OH MY GOD! I want those yummy hippos!! Please send them my way!!! I will trade you that for an edible arrangement? LOL.

Fei said...

Haha! I agree with pink. I thought you had bought naughty snacks. Like those penis shaped pastas. YUM.

Makeupfairytale said...

lol i love the way you write. hippo over here please!