memorial day weekend

This weekend has been quite something. So this will just be a long rant of things. Friday I went to see the new Indy movie.

yes i went and saw it, yes it was a good movie. before all of you haters go omg it was horrible. i can't believe they did that! 1. STFU! 2. OMFG Get over IT! 3. Its just a movie and it was damn entertaining, so WTF are you complaining about? Are you expecting it to change your life? If you didn't like the goddamn aliens get over it. Yes there were aliens, which is why ppl didn't like it. omfg aliens. what else did u want him to find? some other thing that was ancient, dusty, decaying and falling apart? Get over it plz. yes it was pretty damn cheesy when he went their treasure was knowledge...ok that was lame, but overall it was a great movie, entertaining, funny, action packed sequence and Indy being Indy.

The drama part. the friends i went with, decided to go see the movie in some godforsaken movie theatre all the way at the bottom of manhatten near the financial district cause two of them worked there. I say that was incredibly selfish as no one else knew where the hell it was. that and the fact they were doing construction and we seriously could not find anything. there, all the signs were covered up. when we finally found them, they were sitting all comfy eating in applebees, the rest of us waited for the waiter who was no where to be found, then we scrambled to burritoville where the damn girl was chatting on the phone. Had to scramble around somewhere else and then got some turkey wrap somewhere. Our friend brought along this annoying girl. Who obviously wanted to be with our friend, but he wasn't interested so she was sabotaging his attempts at getting with this other girl. for someone who's doing that, I would not invite them out with me to see a movie. She was pretty annoying. always gotta sit next to him. even in the movie theatre itself, she didn't do shit, and I had to go ask people if anyone was sitting in those empty seats. its annoying, i got some seats, and the floor was buttery as hell. like someone just dropped all the butter onto the floor. then when our friends show up, one showed up immensely late, even though we told him the movie starts at this time, he shows up exactly at that time. WTF? anyways, the girl HAS to sit next to my friend, and makes us all move and scramble, WTF its dark and the movie's starting can u fucking get over it? and god the amount of annoying kids there, was so annoying. STFU! No one wants to hear your stupid commentary, yes its indy, yes its his hat. where the hell are your parents? too braindead or inbred to notice you're annoying? this isn't your living room, its a movie theatre there are other people there, so control your damn kid!

walked to the brooklyn bridge, as they were having their 125 year celebration crap. it was a bunch of lights, the annoying girl was trying to act all happy and giddy and oh i'm a girl. plz girl that only works on pretty girls, and you're clearly not it. the whole looking like a FOB, i don't wear make up and look natural with ugly bushy caterpillar eyebrows, straight lashes, fob hair and short stubby fingers and nails. plz girl. if you don't take care of yourself it says a lot about yourself. you look like a FOB. the whole natural look doesn't work out well for you. you're only gonna attract dirty old white men with fetishes. (yeah I know I sound mean, but you know what? She was one damn annoying ass !@#$%_!

Ok, so rafting was on sunday. again with the selfishness. it takes about 2 1/2 hours to get there. no we have to drive all the way down to the bottom of manhatten again. making it 3 hours. omfg can't you just meet us in midtown instead? course not. and his friend showed up amazingly late again. wtf? its a fucking 3 hour drive! i woke up at 6:30 am on a sunday, and u couldn't get up and get here on time? Isn't it bad enough that we had to go all the way down to manhatten cause someone wouldn't move to midtown? ugh.

I rushed to grab something for lunch, course the person who shows up late, doesn't bring lunch. nor does he buy lunch at the rafting center as they were selling lunches! we rented wetsuits, which were just gross, cause they were wet and damp already, and i doubt they washed them. i was in the changing room, and these fat indian women who were hogging the curtained off changing area were totally staring at me, like WTF? i'm not into your lesbo action ok? stop staring you're totally creeping me out. yes i'm not fat like you, get over it. and yeah i pretty much aren't stretching out the wetsuit to max capacity either!

the aqua shoes i got were very helpful during the rafting. the water was amazingly cold. woke you up right then and there. i put on sunscreen but it came off when people splashed us. and then my idiot friend who didn't know how to throw water, splashed me instead, and it went through the neck area and down my shirt, and my back. it was quite cold. i tried to have fun, the but damn there was too much ego on this trip, and testosterone. One micro manager, who refused not to be in the front and captain, captain has to be in the front, can't be in the back. sigh. then he complains about getting splashed and cold. wtf? i want to be splashed cause its hot with the sun baking my head. btw i got sunburned on my nose and my scalp. yes on my scalp. then we had his friend who just didn't want to paddle. like after 10 minutes he got tired, then he complained about how long this was. wtf? you think its over in 10 min? u think we drove 3 hours so it would be over in 10 min? fucking paddle! don't go hey there's a rock over there, no shit, why don't u paddle so we don't get stuck on it? omfg. my arms were fucking hurting about to fall off cause of this, the boat kept turning cause people did not want to paddle, and of course we couldn't just turn around and just paddle, no we had to turn the boat around cause someone had to be in the front always. sigh. i was like WTF! fucking paddle, or else we're just gonna be stuck and you're all gonna sit there like retards. ugh

surprisingly, i have to say, when i went with my friend's church group, they were way more relaxed, and into having fun. they weren't micro managing, and somehow we had fun, if the boat turned around, we just turned around and kept paddling, there was no let's turn the boat around cause someone HAS to be in the front. sigh. and we actually had someone count, so we could paddle at the same time. I dunno, those church ppl know how to have fun.

the guy who got tired after paddling for 10 min got thrown out of the boat twice. yeah. the rafting gods chose him. we had some good rapids, level II, and III. I didn't get thrown out of the boat, yet, all these years, i've been lucky, considering that I can't swim. Afterwards, my arms and the rest of me were completely sore, being that I actually paddled! my arms were about to fall off and getting the wet wetsuit off was a complete pain. I just wanted to pas out, but there was a long drive back. i think it was really gross that all the stuff that was getting stuck onto the windshield were bugs. big nasty bugs. ewie.

they took a pic of us paddling, i have no idea where it is. apparently i look like the fearless leader and everyone else is just confused. note to self go white water rafting again with a more fun, more relaxed group. the guides in the kayaks were funny and pretty good at explaining stuff. if you get thrown out, do not stand up, the river and the water will sweep you away, get your foot stuck and you will drown, and that would suck. don't hit ppl with your paddle, that will suck. the water is cold, yes, accept it now and move on.

The place was pretty nice, they made breakfast and lunches and dinners, it was reasonably priced, they didn't try to milk you for everything. a PB and J was 1.80. and they used strawberry jam. The rental stuff wasn't expensive, 6 bucks for pants and 12 for a full suit. most of the stuff they sold wasn't expensive and they were pretty nice, they had showers and a camp site and there was a lot of bbq going on. They're called Whitewater Challengers, and they're pretty cool. I wanna try level IV and more III, level V is hardcore and u need to know how to swim. so I'll just wait on that.

I'm still sore, and achey all over. i have an interview tomorrow. wish me luck. the art blog is truly ungrateful, i told them i couldn't come in today, and the guy was like can u work on this article a go see by thursday? sure why not. i'm not gonna rush on that. apparently my interview is in brooklyn...eegads! wish me luck!

yes this was a long post. we did bring a waterproof disposable camera, not sure how the pics turned out on that. we'll have to see.

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xppinkx said...

LMAO...the river gods took him! seems that you an annoying weekend...i went rafting last summer up in maine in penobscot..on a level 5 man!...i didnt fall out cuz i dug my damn feet in the cushion as far as i could...but i hate cold water...was this a day trip or did you guys go camping?...

Fei said...

Nothin' like aged punany...

Zomg, you went rafting! I love kayaking, so I'll just imagine that, but much rockier.

Vanessa said...

OMG I was just laughing straight for 2 hours when I read this post, about that annoying girl, and her trying to sport the natural fobby look, LMAO. I can so RELATE! I hate going to movies solely because they are all a bunch of annoying middle/high school kids who think it's so cool to be annoyingly loud and act stupid.

xppinkx said...

hey Prey

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and i knwo you love deals girl...