life or something along the lines of it

i'm still alive...been busy with some stuff...but here's a quick update. I'm alive. I'm a bit happier with things. *knocks on wood* lets not jinx it.

but first and foremost. GO SEE IRONMAN!

Yes you should go see it. if you didn't wtf have you been doing? Obviously this is not a 2 hour chick flick where they talk, no this is a movie where they blow up stuff, and kill the bad guys. Not much on plot but damn good on effects and humor. You go to the movies to be entertained, if you want to be lost and entranced, go read a good. Yes ironman is an asshole, but he's not a douche, which is why we like him. go see the movie if u haven't already.

I didn't understand why gweneth was in it, being that she's got the whole i'm gonna pretend to be british crap going on. But I realized it when i looked at all the other comic book movies out there, how katie holmes was fucking annoying in batman, or even worse how kristen dunst just ruined spiderman with her horrendous lack of acting abilities. Yes gweneth can actually act, hence why this movie didn't suck. though Terrance howard from hustle and flow as being weird acting like a white guy. yeah you heard me. he's talking worse than obama, who the fuck talks like that? Anyways hope you all stayed after the credits to see a little added bonus. I hate that movie companies do that shit, make you stay after the credits, no one cares about all the other ppl that worked on the film, sorry we don't. Look for ironman in the hulk movie. yes you have to stay after the credits again.

Interning at that place where i'm a freelance writer is pretty cool. i have to bring my own laptop cause their cheap bastards. i realized that they're all a bunch of morons/n00bs running around there, and they don't even know basic web 101. they don't know wordpress which is sad. they also hot link their images, aka direct link to people's images, aka stealing bandwidth, which is a really stupid, dumb, tacky thing to be doing esp if you're trying to establish yourself to be cool, and with it, and happening. Not only does their site load slow because they're stealing other ppl's images, they're also resizing them so they fit "the size they want" omfg talk about forever in loading. They also have no idea how google works. the guy who runs the blog has no idea how google works, he also has no idea how the internet works either. bc he's trying to impress us with his sitemeter. you know there are a lot of add ons and such that people have on their own personal blogs that will tell them, how many hits they get, where they are in the world, and what they searched and clicked on to get to your site. please save your stupid dumbfuck high school realizations about the internet for those on your own plane of lameness.

I also met a bitch there during my first day of interning. Yes already. she's a total fake ass bitch, pretending to know about art, which she clearly doesn't know, but you can tell she's bsing her way through. she's also sucking up big time to the guy. ugh. sorry i have too much self respect than to do that. i really do. that and the fact that i know a few things about design, art, and how the fuck google works! ok. i'm not gonna say anything till later cause I just started there. but oh yeah that bitch needs to stfu cause she's going down! please bitch don't waste my time!

I wrote a blurb friday for the art blog and it got published. kinda cool, i get to write freelance writer on my resume now. still looking for a paying gig. I realized the guy who runs the art blog is some big deal real estate person, who sells property for mucho $$$$ who thinks by having a art blog project would be cool for him. Cause then he could be part of the elitist snobs that look at art and pretend to understand it. Oh yes i'm a rich bitch with some free time, yes i understand modern, contemporary art cause i'm so cool and deep. *rolls eyes* please there are so many other artists out there that you don't give a shit about because they're not listed on the NY Times. I should start up my own fucking blog that deals with the cooler aspects of it. and not be such an elitist snob. Plus I actually know some people who do the media stuff and installations. Not sure what I would call it, but I would start up my own media labs as well. But this is just me talking cause I know that he's being a dumbfuck and limiting himself and being a elitist.

I did some hauling as well, but I'll post pics of that up later.

I <3 brunch it is uber awesome you know. We should have it like every damn day of the week, instead of just limiting it to just the weekends. I went to this cool place in Astoria, Queens called Sparrow, that has a nice brunch, as well as a bar and its across from beer garden.

speck & eggs. Two eggs sunny side up over aged smoked ham, served with home fries, toasted strange bread. and i stole that pickle.

brunch burger. yummy burger with an egg...and spicy fries...

and of course a hot chocolate to wash it all down with...hmmm real hot chocolate....

and then after ironman, we ate at this japanese restaurant.

dinner box, rice, california roll, beef teriyaki, shrimp tempura

dinner box, california roll, rice, beef teriyaki, beef negimaki

yes i stuff my face don't i? I also took a bunch of random pictures with my cameraphone, strangeness that I see...but that's for later for your amusement. I'm alive, i'm kicking, and i'm still gonna go on and see what the day brings me...

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xppinkx said...

OMG that breakfast loooooooks soooo damn good i love NYC...i need a visit up there soon =/...BTw i am such a marvel fan i have alosmt all of the old x-men comics and trading cards...i dunno about ironman man! i wont see it cuz i cant belive they have Robert Downey Jr. as irom! it pisses me off to have him play iron man!...i wont see it!

Vivian Loh said...

hey girl! thanx for yr encouragement! brighten up my day a whole lot =D
now it's all good..getting a Mackintosh soon! yay!
Dayuummm girl!! those delicious pixs made me hungry!!yumyum

theChas said...

Ugh gods...Japanese food...*salivates* I don't know shit about the internet either and I'm still blogging, haha. *is intimidated* But good to know things are going a bit better. :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

woo hoo! you go freelance writer you...i definitely agree...there are some fake ppl in the work place...gotta rise above them

jie-jie said...

I didn't want to watch anything marvel, after such disappointment with other marvel movies. But you just convinced me.

That's tough being surrounded with those kind of people. My tolerance is kind of abnormal, I end up ignoring people or just don't let things bother me.

Japanese food!!! Yuuuuummm....

Vivian Loh said...

Im gettin' a iMac! you're a Mac gal too? lol ... the charcoal mask is superb! loves it! how is it for u?