I'm ranting again

yes, you might think damn why you so angry? Do you want the cliff notes version? Ok fine I'll try to shorten it a little. I'm writing articles and interning at the art blog still. but damn that bitch needs to STFU! Stop being so loud, ain't nobody care you lived in nyc all your life, ain't nobody care that you know people. Shit I know people too you don't hear me screaming about it loud. Shit you need attention that bad? Guess so.

But the thing that truly irritates me is their complete lack of knowledge on web design, html, and the internet. I don't think I learned anything special from grad school about web design. I thought most people knew the basics, but I guess not. besides the fact that they steal bandwidth but hotlinking other people's images, or have NO understanding on how google works, today the guy (real estate guy who's side project is the art blog) is so amazed but this search function. Yes i'm serious. They have search abilities on their wordpress. Geez, someone didn't look at their widgets did they? This is really basic stuff and they're all excited and I'm like WTF? are you serious? That is SO LAME. i can add a search function to my blog right now, oh wait i already did, in fact lots of people have done it already, its not that hard. Whats worse is the bitch is going on about tags, and how she doesn't understand them or how it gets more traffic to the site. OMG what did u major in? Earth science?

Now you're probably wondering, why didn't I say anything. To be honest I did, but then I remembered, that i'm an unpaid grunt, who is being used and exploited in a way to write articles and such for the blog. I also realized during my time there, they have absolutely no intention of hiring anyone when they can get people to intern for free. Because its a side project and not a real i'm gonna devote 100% of my time into it, we're not going to be hiring salary people, maybe if u get good enough we'll pay you per article. Guess what? I'm here to write, not to teach you the basics of web 101. Plus the bitch is just really screwing up your shit, I'm just gonna watch how badly this turns into. Because I'm just there to write. And yes this looks damn good on my resume. freelance writer. (note i'm not being a bitch, they were to me first) cause they're doing stuff for the real estate agency more than the art blog.

I was on a crowded train carrying my heavy laptop when these two indian ladies came in and decided to crowd up right in front of me, and invade my personal space, like seriously invade it. Here in NYC we know the trains were crowded and crappy, and when people shove in, there is this unspoken rule that you try to keep your extremities and bags close to you and not flaying around like a moron. These two were morons. No one cares about your loud conversation, no one cares that you're annoying. STFU and stop making this train ride longer than it has to. And yes they reeked, yes i'm stating it cause they did. Not bc I'm being racist, they did reek.

I sound like such an angry bitch don't i? Yeah good thing I don't drive, cause I'd be running people over left and right.

Tomorrow i'm going to DUART, this thing about film, video, the difference between 35mm and all the others, followed by a Q&A of sorts. Its always good to learn about more stuff, hell its free and a former teacher of mine invited me, can't go wrong with that.

Ok, no more negative energy. I'm gonna try to do something positive. And yes haul pics are coming up. I hope I can make it to the MAC store to get my damn dazzleglass lipgloss already. I think that's one splurge item I deserve.

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