Go Speed Racer!

I saw Speed Racer this weekend. My god the amount of stupid, loud annoying kids that went to see this movie! parents if you can't afford a babysitter or maintain control over your kid then leave your brat the fuck at home! God parents are so irresponsible. So what if their kid is jumping up and down on the seats or running around? So what if they're laughing like a jackass and being rude. Yes it was a fake laugh not a real laugh. So what if they're asking annoying questions or talking loud? So what if they kick seats and let their seat go up and down making a ton of noise? So what if they don't want to share and have their equally bratty sister whining loud? My god, wtf is wrong with parents? If you don't have control on your kid then learn what birth control is, or dump them in a big ball bin, cause no one wants to hear it. Fucking rude is what that is.

Anyways back to the movie. So they tried to make a plot around it. Key word is tried. Not bad. But overall, the movie itself was visually stunning, with intense colors, hypercolors if you will, tons of actions, special effects, cgi, everything is just visually beautiful. The action sequences are way trippy, like an LSD trip, with intense jerky camera movements, things spinning out of control and obvious green screens. Overall, it was an entertaining movie. But once they started talking, everyone just couldn't pay attention due to the fact that you had to listen to what people said and that you were still reeling from those awesome special effects. Plus I'm sure that most of the adults watching it with their bratty kids didn't understand the stock market or the concept of something dropping 6 points and what it translates into. Americans are dumb.

Towards the end it was just crazy colors, and visuals, you really were on an LSD trip at that point. I was wondering if the Waschovi bros were going to kill speed racer the same way they killed Neo in the Matrix. Go figure. Anyways its a family movie, every says weird things like cool beans, or something equally lame. The kid with the monkey was totally annoying. Totally overdone and annoying. Paul Frank wants his money back.

But yeah Ironman needs his money. Speed Racer needs LSD. Its a good movie, see it when the kiddies aren't around. Does anyone know who's on the soundtrack? That Ali Dee song at the end is pretty catchy!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

yah i figured the plot wouldn't be all that...but the previews did look amazing...