the weekend

ok, my weekend was a little bit mixed up. To say the least. I was getting a lot of crap from ppl about my current job situation, mostly it wasn't helping, but people just love to spew their mouth and give me a goddamn opinion that i honestly didn't care about. mostly it got to the point where they're all blabbing and i'm not saying anything anymore. yeah, that would have been a HUGE clue to STFU, but no some people are incredibly dense. Really dense.

I love how people who have absolutely no idea or experience in this related field make up their own conclusions and perceptions based on what? biased opinions? For someone who has never worked in fashion, you have no right to tell me to suck it up, deal with it, all internships are like that, and they're all crazy. Yes I'm well aware, they're crazy, in fact all crazy. i'm also aware that internships aren't glamourous but no where does it ever say they have the right to be a bunch of ignorant racist, bastards that treat you less than human and blame you for shit and then have the nerve to accuse you for not paying for THEIR stuff out of your own pocket. that is beyond unprofessional, and I will not tolerate it, ever. I have interned in fashion before, i know its not glamorous but they did not treat me like that ever, yes they worked me, yes they made me run around, but no where did they ever say to me, when you're interning you should be standing. My internship does not entail me standing on my feet all day, i'm not a chef, not a waiter, not a policeman, not a traffic/meter maid, not a salesperson working retail, i'm a goddamn intern and i will NOT be treated in that way. Esp by some asshole who thinks he's so great. No. And with that said, I've decided to tell them all to fuck off, nicely of course, and find my own fucking way out of this.

I finally did get to see Harold & Kumar. Damn the first one was so goddamn funny, it made me want to go to white castle and down a bunch of burgers, and that was pretty gross.

NPH! We <3 you! The movie was pretty goddamn funny! cursing, nekkidness, racist jokes, male nekkidness, more cursing, blood, gore. ah all the makings of a rated R movie. Thank goodness no moron parents brought their kids to see this movie. It was a bunch of stupid high school students trying to act cool, so lame. I still can't get over how some stupid parents brought their kids to see Queen of the Damned, oh yeah like that was so appropriate for little kids, senseless killing, blood, gore, sex, nekkidness...oh yeah... There were lots of racist jokes, mostly poking fun at how stupid dumb ignorant white ppl are. Ah yes...its true thats why the rest of the world thinks america is stupid cause of dumbfucks like that. But you should go see the movie, its funny, senseless toliet humor. I managed to eat brunch twice this weekend, at this cool little bar type eatery across from beer garden. oh yeah we have one of those here. They had a nice breakfast sandwich in which the fried egg exploded and got all over my hand. they also make a damn good hot chocolate. Today I went back again and had french toast, with yummy maple syrup. hmmm syrup of trees.... I also managed to get the ever so illusive ardell lash accelerator at rite aid. I've been searching for this for a while, esp after reading about it on Vanessa's blog, course i wasn't about to pay for shipping from
I will be paying attention and taking a before and after picture to see if this stuff works. it cost 4.19, so it wasn't horrible. Hopefully I will be seeing results soon.

I also had dinner at this japanese restaurant. yes i know lack of pictures, i was extremely lazy this weekend to say the last, and did a lot of walking and such. Anyways, my super special friend and I went, and he wanted to try some sake. warm sake. he drank more than i did and got hammered really fast. lol. I've had good sake once, at this brazilian japanese fusion restaurant called sushi samba, they are like serious about sake there. they pretty much told us, yeah you gotta have it cold, cause when they serve it to you warm, they're masking the fact that its' not a good quality sake. I didn't know that. course some people say you drink warm sake in the winter cause duh its cold outside, but whatever. I don't get the tiny cups, gimme a damn beer or a cocktail, i like to drink in volume.

Oh yeah, I tried to get the dazzleglass lipgloss from MAC over the weekend as well. Course I ended up at the macy's counter, and the girl there had NO idea what I was talking about. what is this your first minute here? She can't even say what i'm telling her i'm looking for, she goes off and comes back minutes later totally retarded, she shows me a swatch of the cosmic blue, which they clearly have but she tells me its not released till may 1. WTF? its on the goddamn mac website you retard! What's worse is that its on her hand so i don't know what it really looks like on me. She then tries to explain to me what dazzleglass is like, and i'm like YES I KNOW it's got GLITTER in it! Apparently I know more about this product than you at this moment, bc i know its' been released! Then she tries to sell me some other lipglass, that's white and clear and glittery, and she puts it on her own hand instead of mine! WTF?! Why would i want to see a swatch on YOUR skin for? So retarded! I was like omfg, forget this, you're too damn retarded, don't try to sell me other crap, what I wanted was the dazzleglass lipgloss, I know you have it, u just choose not to put the display out for whatever reason. Lazy fuckers. this just means i have to go into the city to an actual mac store and get it from them, cause there are so many glosses and i just want to see them in person and how they look like on MY skin for once! wtf is up with retards working in make up? do you want my money or not? cause acting like a retard seriously doesn't help.

Ok, let's see what monday brings me...hopefully a lipgloss....

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xppinkx said...

hope you got to see it in it full glory with the help of some devil's i wanted to see that movie so bad but i was feeling like shit...and if i started to laugh snot would come shooting out to some person's head...anywho man your bummin about that intern huh...=( yeah i think i would be traumatized by that experience 10 fold...

Vanessa said...

HAHAHA LMAO! "want my money or not?" LOL. I hate how these "MUA's" are so retarded when it comes to things they are SUPPOSED to know!