ok I officially had a really fucking bad day. And no I don't mean that in the dramatic sense. It was bad. Fucking bad. The kind where you just want to quit right then and there. Yesterday was day one of my internship and it wasn't that bad, I didn't know anyone, and I swear I was like the only asian girl there except the receptionist, and yeah she wasn't too bright. Anyways, they had me working as a sweatshop, ironing dresses and running up and down the stairs to scan stuff and make copies. it wasn't that bad.

Today was bad. really bad. Let me tell you about how shitty it was. First i actually show up on time. Great right? Then some guy shows up, making a huge racket. tons of noise, blah blah blahing. Ok someone needs attention it seems. Anyways I pay him no mind. They have me doing stupid errands again, scan this, copy this, we can't go downstairs or upstairs for anything. sigh. whatever. So i'm ironing these fucking dresses that are allegedly silk, but they have perm wrinkles cause they were packaged and shoved and then shoved in more. ARound 10 am is when my day starts to get bad...

Loud guy who was talking really loud about how he takes acting classes *chuckles* and how good he is *chuckles more* rambles on about some other crap. Plz no one cares so stfu! The design ppl suddenly decides we need to organize more, send the intern to the container store! wtf? i was ironing, and then the guy who starts to how his true colors goes what's taking you so long? *this is the part where I start to realize he's not only an asshole but a racist too!* Just cause I'm asian doesn't mean I work in a sweatshop and work really fast cranking out clothes and what not. Don't think just cause I'm a girl I know about ironing and all the settings and shit. That's why I'm there, to lear about that shit. So this asshole, decides that I'm not working fast enough cause you know I'm asian and we work in sweat shops comes over and goes what are you doing? No you're not going fast enough, here this is how you do it, you have to get aggressive with it. Right and when it burns then what? You blame me. Asshole! But wait there's more. The asshole then has the nerve to tell me, that when I'm interning, that I don't sit when I intern, that i'm suppose to be standing. WTF is that shit?! Who the fuck do you think you are to talk to someone like that? I'll tell you who. He's a fucking asshole! What's worse is that the cleaning lady came in today and was doing her job and cleaning. He decides to go and order her around and tell her what spots she didn't do. How rude. and what's worse is that he starts to order her around! WTF? I think he gets off on it! I was at a loss of words when he did that. I was also about to fucking smack him with the iron cause he was such a prick!

Allegedly he's a good designer, so good that he teaches at FIT. Oh wow. guess what? Those who can't do, teach. yeah that's you loser. And one more thing, the whole I'm gonna look hairy like an ape with my long hair and beard and thick ugly glasses and colorful tie dye shirts were out DECADES ago. if you're claiming to be such a great fashion designer, please stay in this decade. Thinking that you have a motorcycle helmet makes you cool while you look like a dirty nerdy hippie doesn't help either. You take acting classes cause you think you can get girls that way. look that worked briefly in college, and that's if you were good looking, not a hairy mess like you.

Then I get sent all over manhattan doing errands. It wasn't that bad, one uptown somewhere and then the rest where in the fashion district, btw which is located nowhere near the office of this fashion designer who is still traveling. The fact that she surrounds herself with these kinds of ppl makes me wonder about her.

I'm running all over the fashion district, picking up stuff, dropping off stuff, dropping off checks, swatches fabrics, etc. I meet 2 VERY UNHAPPY vendors, who tell me how unhappy they are, and displeased on how the fashion house conducts business. ok. The first guy was funny, he was like she sends me $40 but the fabric is 64. WTF? I can't give it to her. Instead he writes me a receipt and tells me some other stuff. Like how they do bad business, and how they burn ppl and then come back thinking they'll accept them with open arms. Nope. He also said that the person who sent me is going ot bitch at me cause i didn't pay the rest of the $24 from my own pocket to get the fabric. no. that is not in my job description. you send me to get stuff, you better send me with the right amount of $$$ cause i'm NOT putting what little money I have to them. Period. the last vendor i go to, i gave them a check, and they look at it and go wtf? this is totally the wrong amount. Picking random numbers on what you want to pay doesn't work in the real world, hence why vendors don't want to give you anything or credit for anything cause you've screwed them before. I tried calling but guess what? the goddamn receptionist went home. trying to get this person's line was near impossible. so i gave up. i was so tired. i was on my feet almost the entire day. running errands and what not. then i didn't get to eat lunch till about 4. that was fucked up. And then when i get back I get shit bc I didnt' pay with my own money to get your precious fabric that you "needed" today. if it was so important then you should have gotten it your goddamn self, or at least gotten it yesterday. waiting till the last second was your fault not mine. not giving me ur info was ur fault too. trying to give me shit for going around doing your errands shows how desperate and bitchy you are.

it was over all a bad day. my legs are sore, my feet hurt. i got blamed for shit that wasn't my fault. i was exploited and treated like crap and abused. there is a line between interning and fucking taking advantage and exploiting someone. i've interned before at betsey johnson, i know its not glamourous, not awesome you know? I've chased a dog around to get it into the pet carrier, i've gone to tiffany to pick up jewelry, i've done errands yes, but you know what? no one ever said to me, when you're interning you're suppose to be standing, all the time. or spend your own money to buy fabric cause our fashion house can't pay our own bills. they didn't even repay me for the transportation i spent traveling around. fucking rude that's what. being a goddamn racist thinking just cause i'm asian i must work in a sweatshop and know how to crank out clothes and work under brutal conditions right? Fucking retards, fuck them, I don't need this like ever.

And yet I haven't named the fashion house yet. I don't think i will right now, but later, being that I don't want it to be googled just yet. But yeah, don't expect me to go back there for a taking tomorrow off....i'm tired physically and i'm tired mentally. never have i ever encountered such screwbally people that don't know order or how to work efficiently in a timely manner. you don to start a project the night before. you're never going to finish, and blaming the intern is lame, this is real life no one cares why you didn't get it done, they only want to see the end result. Grow up.

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xppinkx said...

wow!!!...that must have fucken sucked balls! I dunno how you could have taken all that crap!sorry that you had a real bad day
=(...that dude is such a prick...the fashion industry is such a pain in the ass...i was a buyer for this store and although they took me to italy and paris to order the following to me just doesnt seem that serious...right

jie-jie said...

That's so awful! Sorry you had to go through that to realize they're not worth it.