My weekend...long post

Hmmm my weekend was strange to say the least. Friday I saw me some Korean fried chicken...hmmm good. Another korean fried chicken place opened up near me, but they opened sunday, but when i walked by they weren't officially open, they had workers inside dressed watching them put up the grand opening sign. Sigh...

I worked on my friend's catering website. I realized how much I hate CSS, and php, well yeah, i worked mostly all of saturday, except to take a break, and to go outside and see the sun. Surprisingly it was sunny and warm outside. I was in a funk and going insane, I don't remember how that stuff worked. damn i hate php and js. Oddly enough, i did do it right, I didn't realize it until i read the webhost's info, and that they have it set up for you, and that it was some stupid little thing that was preventing it from going through. Fixed that, and ate really really really late...too late, around midnight or so...but when i did go out I got me this...

It was on sale at Macy's. We like sales! Bunny Love! Its bunny! I rock the bunny! I have bunnies on my portfolio site, and its uber awesome. And that lady also stole my name too! She just spells it different, but still it was MY idea! Biter!

I'm getting addicted to tumblr too now. Its like twitter, but you can do more than txt it. You can add vids, links, quotes, chat convos, audio and stuff.

For some reason sunday I was feeling old skool. I don't know why. I was over on youtube and for some reason i was watching these old Chanel commercials. And then I was thinking about Chanel. At first Coco Chanel, about how fabulous she was, but there isn't a whole lot of info about her online, yes kiddies google only holds about 20% of the world's info, where's the rest? Mostly in this thing called the library, scary right?Ooooh library, and get this, they're stored in these things called books! OMFG! Apparently they're making a mini series or movie type thing of coco chanel's life. Hell I'd see it. Fashion designers are pretty interesting, the struggle, the passion the drive to create and then sell. Anyways I'm rambling....I was watching the old commercials, and thought damn chanel no.5 was the shit back then.

That is one interesting say the least.

So that got me wondering. what's the big deal about it? I had a bottle of the stuff, don't ask me why, I just do ok. Its kinda a funny story how I got it, but that's another post if anyone gives a crap about it.

so I decided to break it open and see what the big deal about it was.

So this is a spray not the old skool bottle where you open it up and have actual drops, yes ladies, this is how old ladies manage to put too much stuff of it on.

Ok, this stuff is VERY floral. dear god! It totally reminds me of old ladies, because old ladies with too much make up and bad over teased hairspray hair wear these floral scents. ugh. I guess back in the day when they didn't have a whole lot of perfumes to pick from, this one was kinda big. It has jasmine as a base. Did you know that up until 1998 Chanel No. 5 contains secretions from the perineal glands of civet cats. Civet is a powerful fixative, making the scent last a long time. Now can we all get a ewie.... I don't think kitties appreciate that.

Since this was a spray, i sprayed the air, and let my wrist walk into it. It was pretty strong still, but on my wrist it wasn't horrid, but it does remind me of old ladies, after a few hours its not as floral but changed with my chemistry, its not terrible, but its not for me. I don't particularly like florals. I like my Anna Sui signature scent just fine thank you!

Anyways I was starving and went to get yes more korean fried chicken, I swear i'm gonna be oozing grease out for the rest of this week. I decided to go to unidentified flying chicken in ghetto jackson heights.

hmmm soy garlic rules!

the decor inside

more of the inside

After indulging myself on that much chicken i was totally overstuffed and ugh...gluttony....

When I got back, my friend showed up and surprised me. He said he didn't give me a birthday present and he was giving me now, better late than never right? So what did he give me? Its a surfboard! Ok it wasn't a surfboard in the sephora bag. it was a YES! sephora gift card!!!! W00t! he gave me a $100 gift card. Which I promptly went to the sephora site to see what goodies I could get.

I'm still not sure what to get. i want to get some eye cream like clinique's all about the eyes, but then I kinda want to get some other stuff, so I don't want to go blowing it on crap I'll never use or see the light of day and just sits in my train case. i did see some stuff though.

this caught my attention. A cd on how to apply mascara.

Which reminds me to look for my shu mini lash curler, I have no idea where I put it and its buggin me now. Hmm.....come out come out where ever you are....

So ladies if you have any suggestions on what are some good products to get from sephora plz let me know!

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Violet Honeybee said...

Love the bunny shirt!! SUPER CUTE!!! xD

Mmmm.. fried chicken.. but it bloats me up like a float so i try to cut down. >.<

xppinkx said...

dude that chanel no. 5 is stinkie...its like New York old money type smell mixed with long island stench!!!...btw i heard bad reviews on the fiber wig thingie...ohhhh stock up on chanel, nars, and dior....more so nars blushes, dior mascara, and chanel lipgloss and blushes, shu umera foundation, ...ugh tooo many!