more strange food

You know no entry would be complete without strange food I run into. This weekend was no different. But let's see how my weekend went. First off Friday I went to some company fundraiser/awards thing for my H's company. I looked super cute, cause I wore my super awesome cute mary jane shoes. They were super cute! I shall post a picture of them later. I wore them to the fashion house meeting too previously and they killed my feet. Literally. So friday when i showed up in my super cute shoes again, they totally killed them even more. People were complimenting me on these super cute shoes and strangers on the street were staring at them too. yes they're cute...super cute!

Anyways I went to this chinese restaurant for the fundraiser/awards thing. god it was long and boring and verbose. Could you be more boring. the speeches were long and verbose, it dragged on forever, and the food took forever to come out. sigh.

starters, spring rolls and shrimp things

cold platter, yes jelly fish! spare ribs, chicken and some spam like things. white ppl are always afraid of this dish and never want to eat it. more for me then! suckers! Haa haa! Your aversion and fear of trying new and strange things means more food for me! So continue to be close minded....

shrimp and walnuts. Ok so everyone was willing to eat this dish.

close up of shrimp!

a bird's nest. well not really, chicken and veggies in a edible basket.

wintermelon soup. Cause you know they weren't going to spend actual $$$ on this thing. The soup came out warm, cause they started talking and it was a LONG boring speech, I swear they must decided which rich guy gets the award based on how much money they give, not actual work you know...and then one guy started introduced the guy's ENTIRE family, stand up, including extending family, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, inlaws. omfg could this be any longer?!

here's the soup, looks like leftover stuff. sigh.

The extreme boredom set in, and they held the food hostage till they were done talking which was a VERY LONG time. When the rest of it came out, we just inhaled it cause we were so hungry. I don't understand rich white people either. have it in some chinese restaurant where mostly everyone you know will be afraid to try anything, then hold whatever food you can eat hostage. go figure. we couldn't leave till the end it was LONG. afterwards we were still hungry and went to grab some food and head back, my feet were destroyed in those shoes. the next day was spent sitting mostly, being that my feet were aching too much. Yes it was time to invent that solar powered wheel chair.

strangeness now. This is quinoa, a super complex grain. This drink was somewhat interesting. the floating bits in there reminded me of oat milk that i had previously. Now what is quinoa right? It is a super awesome complex grain that has lots of vitamins, nutrients and other good things for the human body. Its from south america, and was crushed and discarded when the Spaniards came to screw up south america. They regarded it as native indian food and told them it sucked. I'm not hating the spaniards they did conquer a bunch of places and introduce organized religion and such, and bring over diseases and stds, so you know no negativity there.

The drink's website is kinda funny, cause it quotes wikipedia. Now what does it taste like? I got the mango one, and its sweet like mango, just that it has this aftertaste, and the only way I can describe it is like the aftertaste is like waxy lip balm. You know what i'm talking about. It's like waxy cheap lip balm aftertaste or in some cases the benefit lip balm in a jar. it didn't bug me, its kinda thick cause of the floating bits, and its good for people who are allegeric to wheat, corn, oats, barley, etc. gluten free.

What's this you ask? Its a secret elixir of the flippinos! So says my friend. Its avocado and condensed milk. Yes strange I know...but don't hate it just yet

the drink all mixed up. it has crushed ice in there too.

crushed ice! so you're all wondering what does this taste like? Surprisingly its not bad, its pretty good. Reminds me of the mango drink I had before. the texture that is.

it has avocado pieces in it, which with the condensed milk tastes sweet and happy. I don't know why someone would put avocado in a drink, but its pretty good.

So at the end, strange new foods are good, if you're gonna be closed minded and afraid well then there's more for me then! One thing I haven't tried yet and is interested in, yes you guys will all think i'm weird, is balut. Go google what that is. My flip ladies will already know...i blame my flip guy friend, he says when he was younger and in the philippines he used to eat it. I asked him how did he get over the feathers and beak and stuff, his response was that when you're kid you don't think of these things and you just eat without bias. Oh childhood how I miss thee....

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Violet Honeybee said...

Mmm I love chinese food!! So flavorfull!! xD

Fei said...

Oh I know this "balut." Although it's not just a flip thang. I've never had it, nor will I ever! O_O It looks too freaky. I wanna try some flip desserts. My bf hates the food, but he raves about the sweet stuff.

ChyiX2 said...

Uh...aftertaste of waxy lip balm?? Mmh..

The food just made me so hungry so I'm off to scrummage through the refrigerator for food now.

Ginny said...

I love those kinds of drinks and i love halo halo. Yumm!!!

theChas said...

Oh hungry now kthnx.