Korean Fried Chicken!

You know I can't stay away from the food for long!

So I had issues with my grad loans, the fuckers don't take no for an answer apparently. I had to fax them this form saying that I could not pay them at this exact moment in time but they will get their money, i'm not leaving the country you know. Anyways the place that does the faxes, is a total rip off. $2 per sheep. damn talk about rising prices. I only had one form, no cover sheet, cause that costs money. The guy seemed uber confused, I mean really, it took him a while to send it, which worries me, but then he gave me like 3 confirmation sheets. Sigh. Ok. but i think he dialed the wrong number though. hmmm....

Anyways after that, I went to get some stuff at Rite Aid, they were restocking but they still didn't have much in there to start with. They seriously need to expand their HIP stand.

I saw this on my walk to rite aid. I thought it was kinda funny. god is still speaking...too bad no one can hear him....kinda like the old guy who sits at the park feeding the pigeons....

So i got me some pringles, they were only 99 cents..hmmm pringles...and walked out the door and went you know, that korean fried chicken place is near here, i could just walk there and get me some...yes korean fried chicken....hmmmm....*drool*

I start to walk and its misting, not quite rain, but misting, kinda annoying. I'm still walking and I pass a KFC, IHOP and realize Damn this is far! I should have taken the bus, but sigh, it was on the other side of the street. but yes i finally made i there...but when i got there, there was a big hoopla around it.

they were having a grand re-opening! apparently the insides were getting redone and such, so they were excited. But wait, there's more!

What fried chicken place wouldn't be complete without some guy dressed up as a giant chick waving to people! Yes and giving me the peace sign! smiling that its ok to eat his fellow brethren, its ok to consume their flesh while he waves. Nothing wrong with that right?

Inside was completely new, they even had a soup station for their soups and stews, but it was working yet. The decor inside was totally new, they even had a waiting area for the to go orders, complete with seats, a coffee table, giant plasma tv, magazines to read, and literature about the restaurant. The decor inside was more colorful and organic. The waiters had new uniforms and outifts. I even had 2 waiters come up to me and ask if i wanted a drink or some ice cream...oh ice cream...

Being that it was their grand re-opening they gave me a free coffee mug type thing. Its cute it has their name on it. I was amused.

I love how nicely they packed everything in there.

Its time to eat!

they gave me some of their coleslaw for free, cause i only ordered wings...

its their cute box! its their original soy garlic flavor! Hmmm soy garlic rules!

Hmmm wings....*drool* crispy, crunchy, tasty and fresh!

close up of wing. yes its meaty! and its real chicken!

Go check them out! Kyochon is located in queens, check their website for more info. They received 4 drumsticks out of 5 on the article from New York Magazine's article on korean fried chicken. Hmmm korean fried chicken....yes the good stuff....

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