interning day 1

what day wouldn't start off complete without the usual chaos and stress of commute in nyc? Ah yes, the train I was on, decided to become local, after 2 stops, geez. great! That and the fact there were a bunch of LOUD, ghetto kids screaming, yelling, hollering for attention on the train too. Shouldn't you BE in school by now? What are our taxes paying for? A free metro card for you to ride the city with? Where are the truancy cops? I finally get into manhatten, i transfer onto an express, course which just sits there. wtf? about 10 min later they go oh yeah we have issues, we're stuck here, nice of you to tell me that NOW! i run to catch the local which i totally missed. i get to my internship late. wtf. I'm not gonna name the company cause um, yeah, there's some silliness going on with them.

I'm suppose to be in production, but the person I'm suppose to intern for, well isn't there, so I'm a design intern, hanging out on the design floor. yes, floor. its actually just a small 4 story apt building that they put offices in. complete with kitchen and bathroom with shower. Design floor is 2nd floor. the designer was traveling and wasn't around. So my first duty? go get some whole milk. sure, why not? then I end up running around doing mindless tasks, not bad, don't have to think too much or stress, cause you know it's not the end of my fucking world if you can't get that fabric or tim in before the end of the week! haa haa! anyways, it was a pretty quite day. not too stressful. i was just working in a sweatshop. cause i'm asian right?

Or i was running up and down the stairs to the copier. Let me re-phrase that. the "copier" is on the 4th floor, we're on the 2nd, and they the two ppl i was interning for really did not want to go up there at all. its only 2 flights, but its those old buildings so its narrow, and clearly only one person can walk through at a time. and it curves ugh. also they don't have a copier, its really a scanner/printer/whatever you buy for your house. yes, one of those, and super tiny on someone's desk. talk about weird. you're a freaking million dollar company! You can afford a copier! A real copier!

Then i was playing with fabric for the rest of the day, and ironing dresses out, dear god wtf do they do to them? crumple into a ball, shove into a plastic bag, seal bag, shove into a bigger bag. i was like wtf did you do to this thing?! It was nice though to have some hardcore real irons, and to see some real hardcore old skool metal, built into the table sewing machines, and sergers.

I also got to see some inspiration and ideas the designer had on her design board. its interesting to see where she pulls inspiration from and how she sees things and stuff.

At the end of day one, i was kinda tired from running up and down the stairs. But amused, it was ok. i went to eat PR food afterwards, hmm...yummy....repeat till wed. let's see what happens then. Mind you i only saw 1 guy working there and the rest where women! eeek! oh yeah its' gonna get catty!

I've been tagged it seems. Ok Vanessa! Here goes! 6 unspectacular quirks:

1. Religious freaks that bang on your door sunday morning to convert you scare me, in fact i run and hide in the kitchen and hope they don't realize that i'm really home, ( i used to do that when I loved at my mom's house) I was afraid they could see the tv on and never leave.

2. I <3 garlic a lot, too much it seems that i'll eat a lot of it, and have it emanating out of every pore of my body. Good for me, bad for the vampires.... 3. I watch food tv a lot, but can't really cook that sad... I know...QQ 4. I do lots of strange and random things, like take fencing lessons, then horseback lessons, then welding classes, but I don't go full on into the advanced side and become an expert in that field. Guess that means I can't focus well. 5. I like to drink beer, yes beer, more than vodka and those "classy" grown up drinks. 6. I <3 pumpkins! <3 Halloween too, but I don't like to eat pumpkins, I'll carve them, play with them, smash them, use them to hold dry ice, but not eat them in a pie or anything like that. Weird I know. To play tag, here are the rules: 1. link the person who tagged you. 2. mention the rules in your blog. 3. tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4. tag 6 random bloggers by linking them at the end of your post. 5. leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged. 6. once your post is up, notify the person who tagged you. I tag, Fei, Violet Honeybee, xppinkx, Chi, FoodieCutie, J.Rose Online
I don't know if anyone reads my blog but you've been tagged. I'm not a slacker, well not really....

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missjaclynrose said...

the rakku shoe wheel actually has plastic in between each holding spot so your shoes doesn't touch the other shoes that's in there. it's a pretty awesome contraption, a little big as I can't find a spot yet to put it.

and thx for taggin' me. i'll probably get to it tomorrow.

btw, WoW has taken over my life! ARGH! LOL.

miss kittens said...

I LOL'd when I saw you tagging J.Rose Online because...

... J.Rose used to be my stripper name. No joke! Haha :)