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Yesterday I went to meet my friend who's working at this veggie/vegan restaurant/cafe in queens, ny. Its called Tierra Sena. Its relatively new, and has been open a month. We were meeting up cause she needed help with her website, she's doing a catering business of sorts. Anyways its a cute place, she got me some free food. Cause you know I love food!

the inside, wooden tables and chairs, a fireplace they haven't used yet.

the windows let light in, its bright inside, course when you're on the outside and looking in, it looks like its closed cause its dark.

More of the interior. They have pipes and lights, and used wood for a more organic feel to it.

This is a strawberry banana smoothie with oat milk. What is oat milk you say? Well this place is also vegan so oat milk comes from oatmeal or oats apparently.

A close up of the smoothie with oat milk. Its frothy and the white bits are the oat milk parts. Pretty thick, very banana like, didn't taste much of the strawberry though.

vegetarian split pea soup, with some vegan type bread thing on the side. My friend made it that morning. She simmered it more so it would be more thick and hearty. And it was hearty, very pea like, very thick, very filling.

extreme close up of soup! yes i needed to do that! very thick, and I usually don't like split pea in general. But it was quite good. And no animals were hurt in the making of this.

Vegan panini wrap! Yes Vegan. Crispy and tasty! Surprisingly also very filling and I wasn't expecting that, I mean its vegan! As you can tell I am a meat eater so the whole no animal products or byproducts things and making it taste good was new to me. I've gone to veggie restaurants, but vegan is like HARDCORE!

close of up the vegan wrap, black beans, avocado, greens, some corn, no cheese, no milk, no honey, no meat. very filling.

ah the life of a blogger. Sitting there in the cafe, enjoying their FREE wi-fi, and enjoying my smoothie with oat milk. My trusty laptop right with me. Though when i took my laptop out, aka Flippy the other 2 ppl there squatting with their laptops (PC) totally stared at me, like wtf? have you never seen a mac before? Guess not.

Though they say that seeing the apple symbol causes people to think they are creative, hee hee...

So my friend and I met, sucked up their free wi-fi, but their connection was super slow for some reason. we bought her a domain finally! got her a host and talked about layout and such. course the logo is still mia. so I'm workting with what I got, mostly layout and stuff. After that we left, and she went to get groceries for her catering business. Such determination....

I'm working away there. lol....

We were suppose to meet our other friend there but there was massive issues this week with meeting up for some reason. First it was tues, then wed, then thurs, then it all went to hell and we had to reschedule for like 2 or 3 weeks later. the thing that bugs me most about her is her fake nature. First off we couldn't meet on whatever day because of some lame excuse she made up. Really lame. Then she tells us she can't meet next week, because she wont' be here. Fine. course at that point she tries to go on about how she'll be out of the country and what not. Fine. Then she keeps at it saying that she's going away and won't be back till tuesday. Fine. Ok I get it, though she always does this, where she will give you parts and waits for you to ask her where she's going rather than coming out and just saying it. I find this rather annoying. If you want to brag or gloat, just fucking do it. Don't go around and around in circles trying to bait us to ask you. Course neither of us did, and we didn't bother, which led her to try again. Our response was well have fun where ever you're going bye! Then she tries to go on again, and we're like um we're driving gotta go bye! ugh! Like no one cares. Another thing that bugs me is that she has the nerve to go on and on about how broke she is, how poor she is, how she has no money. blah blah blah. She actually has the nerve to order one entree at a japanese restaurant for all 3 of us! WTF?! I mean cmon! she actually made us order one entree and let us "share" it, it was so horrible, as we were all HUNGRY after, one entree with one small salad, so cheap! I don't understand why she was like that. And we had to order more food after, and it was so stupid, like just let us order OUR food ok!

Ok now you're all thinking god stop being such a bitch, the girl is broke. Oh no! Wait till I get to the better part. the thing that pisses me off about her is that she goes saying she's poor right? But then the next minute will turn to me and BRAG on how her man makes 6 digits. WTF! Her husband makes 6 digits and she brags about all the time, but then says oh she's so broke she has to use coupons. Get fucking over it! You just want to talk and run your fucking mouth. I find it really obnoxious that she does that. She's not poor, she's just being cheap. And a bragger, and annoying. Now I'm not saying we gotta go to a 4 star restaurant, we got to a sushi place that charges $1 for sushi and sashimi. I think we can afford our own entree. I hate people that pretend they're poor and then say they got 6 digits coming in. What's worse is the few times she invites us over to her place to have dinner, which really is her going out buying food for her husband and his friends, we come over, they eat first, then drink beer and watch sports on tv, and we're eating the picked over food, which is like ew. I'm like wtf? At first I thought it just happened that his friends were there too and were hungry, but this repeated itself over and over again. and I was like wtf? i did not come over to watch your husband drink beer and watch sports while u sit there and watch him do that. Its really lame, and leave me out of it. ok end rant.

And for your dose of randomness. Combining walking and biking and a little bit of reusing old shoes.

Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you! Check out more here and here

watch it working in motion!

The day before yesterday my other friend tried to cheer me up after the whole fashion house fiasco, so he took me out to a mexican restaurant. Will post pics of that soon. Have a good weekend ladies....

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ChyiX2 said...

Haha, I like how you describe things: "very banana like, very pea like" =D

I love food too, even more when it's free food!

Vanessa said...

LMAO, that girl is what we call "cray cray" meaning crazzzzy! I hate pessimistic people that complain on and on about their life or mishaps yet they don't do a damn thing to make their life better. Complain about their BF's, not having money, etc yet they refuse to leave THAT relationship, or refuse to get a better job. WTF!???