Fashion Hell

I am now reminded why I didn't like working in fashion. I had the meeting from hell. Yes. I got dressed, wore heels, and a skirt, and used my YSL clicky thing. I got there on time, and waited for the woman, yes the same woman who wouldn't return my calls for a week, and the goddamn snotty receptionist. Well I didn't get to make it through the door. It was about 5 minutes and it sucked. The person who I was suppose to see, guess what? she sends some other person down to see me. what's worse is when i see her, i of course being professional introduce myself, meanwhile the bitch, yes the bitch doesn't bother to introduce herself, I'm thinking she's ____ the entire time. but then the person who greeted me when I came in said oh no this is _mini bitch_ WTF?! You don't bother to tell me who you are? How professional is that? Anyways it was pretty goddamn bad. It was the worst 5 min of my life, and a COMPLETE waste of my time. And we will never speak of it again! The level of unprofessionalism was staggering. How on earth that place stays in business is beyond me. Ugh. seriously a bunch of retards work there.

So my overdressed self, in my cute but damn painful shoes walked out of that place as fast as I could and went to get you guessed it!

Ah yes my one true love...

hmmm cupcakes...from long line there at this time, so i got 3. hmmm cupcakes, yes help ease my pain a little, just a little. So what if I'm not a size 0, its not something to strive for now. Maybe that's why the snotty bitch was being so rude, as i was clearly closer to a size 0 than she was ever going to be.

Anyways, I sat there in the park eating my sugary goodness while two dumb girls sat there eating theirs and getting all freaked out over some pidgeons. well if you didn't feed them they wouldn't swarm to you! Duh! What is up with dumb girls these days?

So as I'm waling off this girl stops me on the street, i'm wondering what is she selling. Free tix to a comedy night? Actually she was talking to me about discrimination against gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders. She informed me that 31 of our fair united states do not have laws against discrimination against alternative lifestyles, ie gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. I was like are you serious? She was like yes, 31 states do not have laws against it. NY does have laws protecting gays and lesbians but not transgenders. WTF is that? Discrimination is discrimination whether it be gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. She basically wanted me to be aware and then be a partner and donate money. Yes there's always a catch. I told her I ain't got not job and i just had the interview from hell, to which she responded really? i told her how horrid fashion was, and she said she wanted a cupcake as well. She told me about their website HRC and that I could sign up and just give a donation of whatever i wanted. I literally had $1 on me after the cupcakes. So i gave it to her and she gave me a card showing that I donated a dollar. i wasn't surprised that they were trying to get a bill into congress to protect those of sexual orientation against discrimination and that Bush, right wing fanatics, and religious freaks were totally against it. Sigh. Cmon people, its like the new millennia, GET OVER YOUR CLOSED MINDEDNESS!

What is the point of hating people? There are enough problems in the world as it is, why are you going to add to it? Yeah if you haven't figured it out, I really don't tolerate haters. Why is it that the states on the coast are a little more forward and progressive? Damn that bible belt!

victoria's secret stop sending me your catalogue every week! It just ends up being recycled so stop it already! I only buy during the semi annual sale! Stop sending me crap, damn do I have to call them up too?!

Its warm and windy and humid, my hair is freaking out, just what i need right? sigh. let's see what tomorrow has

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theChas said...

I understand your sentiment...=/ Effing right wingers...effing BUSH. God thing he's leaving and good thing I'm leaving this country.

MMmMmM...cupcakes. :P***

xppinkx said...

i had their cupcakes...i wasnt tooo fond of them...they tasted overly sweet and the frosting tasted like straight butter...kinda gross and i chucked it aftera bite..i thought this place was famous!