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I was tagged before about cameras, I cant' remember exactly who tagged me, so forgive me in my old age for that. And I think everyone has been tagged already, so who ever wants to join in can. So what camera do I use? Actually I have 2 cameras. I have the one that fits in my altiods container, that I've had for the longest time. I'm so surprised that it actually still works. Its gotta be like 5 years old now, and it still works, still takes pictures, and i'm totally surprised by that.

See it fits into a nice Altiods container, making travel easier, it has a nice case and no one ever suspects me having a camera in there.

So this is a Pentax Optio S. its got 3.2 mega pixels. This is seriously my first digital camera ever. Before I was using *shudders* film, who does that anymore? Actually film is nice, but digital is like instant gratification and then people take millions of photos and abuse flickr like me.

side view

the back. yes i know such a tiny screen. back then it was pretty awesome, not its like sad. everyone has screens that take up the entire back of the camera with touch screen and what not. and here i am working this tiny screen.

I usually use this camera to take pics of swatches and whatnot, cause its always lying around and its pretty fast. It jacks into my laptop and dumps everything into iphoto, making my life oh so simple.

Now this is my nicer camera, it doesn't come out unless its a picture taking day or a special occasion, cause I don't want this one to get screwed up plus I don't have a case for it.

This is a Leica’s D-LUX 3. yes Drool people! yes this is an uber awesome camera! yes Leicas are real, they were mentioned in Eurotrip remember? And see how big the screen is on this one? So much bigger!

It is larger than my pentax, doesn't fit into an altiods container, but takes really nice pictures. its wide screen and takes longer pictures i guess that's how you put it. It has way more extreme close up abilities and has a bunch of functions i have yet to figure out.

the flash is there but hidden as you can see.

There is a difference between the two. The pentax is a japanese camera, and apparently the japanese LOVE extreme color, hyper real color it seems. colors are very vivid on their cameras, and i guess here its' the norm. so when i picked up the Leica, it was kinda different being that its a european style camera. Besides the fact that it has cloth shutters, yes you heard me. cloth. don't believe me go to their website and check it out. Anyways Europeans apparently do not like the vivid extreme colors, so when i take pictures it looked as if everything was washed out. I was like WTF?! But you can change the settings, and now they're not as washed out but not as extremely vivid. I guess its more realistic in a way, colorwise that is. Hence why I don't use this camera when doing swatches.

funny caption there. anyways this is taken with my pentax as you can see....colors aren't crazy cause of the newspaper, its not a colorful newspaper you know? but its a decent camera

this one was taken with the leica. Its longer and not as thick as the previous one posted. its a different style i guess...

so those are my cameras. surprisingly the leica weighs less than the pentax, even though its bigger.

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jie-jie said...

i've had bad experience with pentax. we've had two film pentax, and i remember it breaking not too long after. the pictures are really nice though. everyone has been raving that canon has the best picture. i compared some shots with my cousins who used casio and sony, all point and shoot, and canon is more true to life color. funny you have a philippine newspaper.