Urban Decay Sale!

Ah yes...spring is the time of sales! And a few other things. I know some ladies are mad at Urban Decay due to their packaging for their Primer Portion, but cmon let's not totally hate them to death now. They're having a 50% off sale now, so go check it out and be amused. There's not a huge amount of stuff but still go see...

Also I'm gonna add on the side over there ----->

The drugstore sales and bargains that are worthy of being noted and stuff. Hee hee! I'll try to keep it updated weekly and stuff.

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Fei said...

OMG OMG! I just looked at your page and thought, "Whose pink page am I on???" Ethereal?!?! O_O lol. Nice change. The other one was very dark. This one is very brighty. Light night and day! I don't know if I'll be checking out the UD sale. I can't... justify... :(