New look and a few more things

Ok, so I updated the look of the blog, since it was pretty damn dark and depressing looking before. I guess with Easter and spring I decided to lighten things up just a little bit. i took the wordpress Kubrick theme, which is the one I'm using on my portfolio site, i like the kubrick theme, easiest to edit and change around. Anyways, some nice girl converted it into blogger and here it is now, with a few changes. The new header is from indeepop, brilliant artist. I like the brilliant colors. I redid a few other things I had on the side too. I think I lost a couple of bloggers on my blog list, don't hate me now, I decided to divide up the beauty bloggers from the other blogs I read, cause it was this huge chunk and stuff. if I didn't include your blog, its not that I hate you, more like I lost your blog addy. so just tell me ok?

I realize I have too many labels for stuff to put on the side, so there's a search form instead, hell there's a lot of food entries so people be amused.

I've got a potential gig with a fashion designer in the works right now. Been trying to design stuff and show my creative side, its kind hard to do that when you're being distracted by a million things. I'm kinda procrastinating in a way too.

My weekend was spent packing up some stuff for storage, no I didn't get to move out into my loft apt, had to move stuff out of here, clear out my closet and what not. Its nice to be able to walk through the room normally, course there was that annoying mother in law nagging the second she saw anyone clean, insisting that mopping and sweeping be done right at this exact second in time. Mind you I was moving boxes out at the moment, no no she must STAND right in the doorway with a make shift swifter and rags that she insists be used. That was followed by STFU moment, and ignoring her. it was damn ass annoying, and I was ready to slap her. yes i was. And I would have felt no guilt either. Oh like you wouldn't right?

I found some easter eggs during the noblegarden event in WoW. I was amused yes. I went out to have a late lunch with my friend who has decided to go back to PR cause it just sucks in NYC. I understand that circumstances suck in nyc, even for me. I came back with the feeling that we're giving up all too easily it seems, but then when we realize that its not working maybe its time to start somewhere else....sometimes the best new starts begin with goodbye...

I came back and found this waiting for me.

Yes, its from that movie, Hitch. which I have not seen. I've been to that place way before, when the pudding was cheaper, now its jacked up and no longer a front for the russian mafia. Apparently tours go through there and tell them yes this is where they filmed that movie. Note there are no high chairs and tables, just tables and ppl to stand. Carmel and chocolate chip are great flavors to try. I do dig their spoons too! I used to have a lot of their bowls and spoons here, in different colors when they were cheaper, course SOMEONE decided to throw them all out, cause she thought oh you were done eatin it and even though you washed it, put it into the cupboard i threw them out. Note NEVER get married. Notice how angry I am?

bowl and spoons!

And here's some of the mini hauling I did from last week or something. I can't remember since everything's been a little bit crazy and stuff.

Rite Aid was having BOGO on all their maybelline stuff excep the lip stuff, not bad right? picked up the mini mascara for short lashes and this eyeshadow quad which i had hoped would give my monolids help.

the front the shadows are embossed with what part of the eye they are for. And the back shown here shows you a diagram of where it's suppose to go.

needless to say on me it didn't work out well. sigh....when will i realize that american products are not made for asians or any other minority out there.

so this is my normal eye, i'm wearing fiberwig mascara on the top. i'm about to test out the maybelline last discovery mascara i got.

Ok, so this is me with some shadow on, yeah it didn't work out well to say the least. but the maybelline mascara did make my lower lashes more visible, though it was creepy in a way cause i felt i like spider lashes in a way you know? I dunno, but hey I found something for my lower lashes. Now I just have to find something to work on my lids like eyeshadow!

And then I think a few days ago, my coastal scents brush order came in. i was excited being that enkore had done a review on them, and there is buzz going around about how good and cheap their brushes are. So I picked up a few and it was about 15 bucks including shipping, which is pretty damn good if you think about it. Had I known I would have skipped the sephora brush sale last year.

Look its a cute buffer brush. its super soft, and i like the short handle, cause then it doesn't hit anything like the mirror and such with the long handles. course that's just my opinion on stuff. I haven't used this brush cause I haven't gotten around to washing them cause I've been busy.

A fan brush! It's soft and cheap! yet I have no clue what exactly its used for, I mean I see it everywhere but I don't really know what its used for. I hear that its for brushing aside all the looser powder you put under your eyes, but that seems frivolous in a way don't you think? Anyone know?

And I got this travel brush cause I saw that thing on Pursebuzz a while ago, the whole applying powder or blush to your face with a brush that you dump in your bag with the rest of your stuff, and then u take out your compact and such and put it on the counter and its kinda germy in a way. Makes sense, course I use the puff in the compact and wash it later, but yeah i guess this makes sense too. it was 3.95 so why not try it?

and they were nice enough to send me a free sample of their shadow. nice of them...its a blueish color and i haven't opened it yet.

Also i found this cool site that lets you watch tv shows yes I know instead of sleeping or designing my ass was watching tv shows 4am. ok so i was kinda going insane a little. So check out Hula. I ended up watching the entire season of lipstick jungle can you believe it? Well it was only 7 episodes, mid season replacement. Not bad for 7 episodes. The commercials are 15-30 seconds long and then its back to the show. awesome. no need to waste time, and no need to tivo. Brooke Shields looks very boxy and manly, damn she did not take care of herself, all those rays she caught at the blue lagoon caught up with her. The blonde who's having an affair with the 25 year old...NICE! But it was a different kind of perspective, don't get all holier than thou here...and then the asian chick, who's the fashion designer, I watch her to see how they do her eye makeup, which isn't bastardized...then again she is bi-racial too...i remember watching her on all my children back in the day...

Alright back to work, I'm still alive. its spring and time for a new start....let's make this one count!

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Violet Honeybee said...

I love your new layout! It's so spring-like! xD

You can use the fan brush for brushing off fallout or for adding color to your cheeks with blush then buffing it with a blush brush. =)

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey hon! congrats on the fashion designer gig...finally the world can see your talent :) you can also use fan brushes for brushing out clumps of mascara...i think it works better with stiffer fan brushes but you can try and see if this works!