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I was going to post these a while ago, course other stuff happened, that whole sickness thing, plus my last post was somewhat depressing, so I'm gonna post some pics of the Foo Fighters Concert I went to. :) Oh my undying love for Dave Grohl knows no limits...*sigh* (what like you're never had a crush?)

yes a silly shirt. but whatever....my undying love for dave grohl....sigh...one can only dream of greatness...well actually that's another post if you're wondering...one day I had said something out loud that the gods above heard and thought it would be funny. So for a day I gave Dave Grohl complete control over my life. that's another post. really if you're wondering. Anyways...

So the Foo's had a concert at MSG here in NYC like on feb 19. I got tix to go, but they were like FAR! Crikey they were seriously far. I was like i need binoculars to see dave! They played the garden for the first time and they played well over 2 hours! :)

The opening band was Against Me and they were pretty bad. Honestly people just wanted them to get off the stage. I've only seen like 2 good opening bands ever. so this one was no different. Longest opening bad ever....suckfest oh yeah...

Serj is doing a solo thing now? I didn't know, his voice is very distinct and it was pretty fun to watch him perform. Yes he was MUCH better than the opening act dear god the first act was just horrible! Serj got a little political and stuff but whatever. Yes this is Serj from System....

The Foo's hit the stage! They were rocking!

set list:
Let It Die
Times Like These
Learn To Fly
Cheer Up Boys
This is a Call
Stacked Actors/Drum Solo

Skin N Bones
MariGold - surprised he sang this old song!
My Hero
Cold Day In The Sun
But Honestly

Dave singing Everlong.....

Monkey Wrench
All My Life
Big Me
Long Road to Ruin
Best of You

The show was pretty goddamn amazing! But the only bad things were that we had crappy seats, sat really far away. We were surrounded by retards. First some parents and some little kids like 10 year olds behind us. some old couple across us. Some old father trying to be cool with his teenage sons, by screaming out you suck to serj, LAME! Some bimbos that sat next to us that were too busy applying lipgloss, some dumb indian girl who didn't like that my friend was smoking. And the dumbest couple ever infront of us, in which the guy was pathetically trying to get this high maintenance not so pretty girl. the guy was taking decent photos and vids but then he would turn and look at the girl who was a complete ditz and tried to dance, key word tried. Sticking your finger up in the air like ur #1 and bouncing around does not count as dancing, nor does trying to look cute, which you CLEARLY are not. Then there was the fat chick trying to dance. oh god...why do fat people think they can dance.

Foo's rocking hard! 2 hours of footos!

My attempt at bootlegging didn't turn out well, i didn't take a great camera with me, and it would zoom out when I would try to record. And it would only record for a minute only. But I just recorded it so I could remember the night, of the Foo's playing at MSG. Plus Dave also told us during the concert that the concert they were playing was being recorded and gonna be shown on Fuse.tv and we should go home and tivo it. I called my friend to tivo it to which he replied i don't have tv no more! WHAT?! What you mean you don't have tv no more?! argh, must search youtube for vids then. It was a great night. and I got a t shirt, hee hee...

Lightening Bolt! Yes I got this shirt! I <3 dave grohl! the lightening bolt is my symbol. Much like Betsey Johnson has it as her symbol too. Great minds think alike!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

he he cute t-shirts...that concert sounded like fun...i live vicariouly through you ha ha

e said...

I saw them in Dallas and that concert was amazing, agree with the Aganist Me! comments, but the second band was Jimmy Eat World, which I really liked...anyway 2 hours! Crikey! Dave was getting a little horse during the encores, he gave it his all the whole way through...loved when they walked out to the center portion for the fans in the back! Love Dave!