A little bump in the road

Slight bump in the road. Just slight. A few things are just annoying. More so than others. One of them is the whole cattiness of girls online. Ugh. No matter where I go its like I'm always faced with it. Its the internet. people hide behind their monitors while doing whatever they think they want and not care about the outcome. Two faced bitches running around, pretending to be nice to your face then attacking you the first chance they get. Talk about insecure. Guess she never got a date at all in high school or was picked last in gym class.

Oh well. whatever. I don't do the whole arguing online, its pretty lame. Either way I'm not going to indulge these people, i'm not going to humor them and I'm not going to defend my blog. Its my blog and I can say and post whatever I want. You know there are bigger things out there happening and being a two faced bitch while hiding behind your monitor just shows off your lack of a brain, lack of knowledge outside your shallow life and that your whole me me me me attitude just shows how selfish you are. the world does not revolve around you. Get over yourself.

Such behavior reminds me of why I I hated working in fashion. Which brings me to my next point. The stuck up bitch at the fashion house is totally avoiding my calls, which is royally pissing me off. i called and left her mesg, to which she hasn't called back yet. How rude. is this the whole I need to feel special and by making you call me back and leaving me mesg I can feel special kind of crap? Get over yourself. What's worse is the damn receptionist who obviously couldn't get a better job because she majored in something stupid in college cause mommy and daddy paid for it and couldn't get a real job, so now she's bitter cause she's a goddamn receptionist. Get over it. Each time I call I have to deal with her snotty attitude.

Me: Hi can I speak to _______
Snotty Receptionist: Who is this? ( Not may i ask who's calling or anything professional you know)
Me: I'm ______
SR: Are you an intern?
Me: (internal monologue. WTF? Does it fucking matter what my title in the hierarchy is? So if I'm some high class buyer you'd be nice and put my call through, but if i'm just a normal person or doing a potential temp gig you're gonna treat me like crap? WTF does it even matter to you what I am? Just put my call through! Geez you just have to transfer the damn call you snot!)
No. Can I speak to her?
SR: Oh she's very busy, (such a liar!) can you just leave her a voicemail?
Me: I already left her a voicemail, I don't want to seem stalkerish (this is me trying to add humor)
SR: *sigh* can you just leave her a voicemail? (sounds like she wants to get back to her emails and ebay)
Me: Fine ( you useless snot twit! If I was a buyer I'd be fucking pissed off at your shitty treatment)

I'm kinda annoyed cause I'm not gonna waste my week trying to contact this woman who is totally NOT calling me back. I'm not going to inflate her ego anymore I'm gonna call her once and that's it. I can't stand to deal with that damn receptionist.

And yesterday I went to Walgreens cause I had a huge craving for cheetos. I know weird right? Anyways I wanted to get some of the twisted ones they had, they are pretty big.

see the cheeto in its natural habitat.

close up of the cheeto, kinda looks creepy wrong, looks like a anal butt plug toy of sorts...hee hee I know I'm a perv!

So go to walgreens which is having a BOGO on their L'Oreal HIP stuff that i look at, their store is seriously ghetto and disorganized. They didn't have a HIP display they put it in these plastic bins on the floor near the L'Oreal stuff. Ghetto! Everything looked pretty crappy, it looked old and picked over. But father along I found some of their pigments and creme liners, and then walking around some more I found their HIP paints display. Ok, so this was relatively new and I picked up one. Course there weren't that many colors left. I ended up picking up the cream liner in black since that was the only one I didn't have.

I walked around and saw they had a large Milani display, bigger than duane reede and the non existent one at rite aid. I was excited cause I could see more of their stuff. I was looking around and saw they had blushes! They did in fact have the Luminous blush there too! Course when I looked at it I realized it was pretty old, labels were scratched, one of them was opened and molested, it looked like it had been there a few years too! I looked at the other stuff and it looked pretty old like it sat there for years too! omg...so ghetto and gross.

Course this is the part where things get worse for me. So apparently there is an apt near walgreens that is filled with old people, old annoying chatty naggy wearing too much makeup, perfume and hairspray people, that have nothing better to do than waddle around there. So apparently walgreens (which royally sucks)had their registers totally had a freak out, the indian ladies working there panicked and didn't know what to do. so obviously the normal thing to do is to call the manager who is totally hiding in the back room and refuses to come out and deal with us angry and annoyed customers standing on a long line that won't move and one register that's open that only takes cash. Yes we customers with money were annoyed and getting more annoyed. The manager hides, ignores the fact that he's being paged. sends out the assistant manager who has no idea why the system crashed, but calmly tries to figure something out.

While I stood there on line wasting my time, the indian woman who was at the register was haggling and arguing over the price of what the items where, she took extra circulars to get the coupons, made a huge mess too. the ladies there were trying to explain to her that she couldn't use that many coupons at one time. More time is wasted. I don't know why anyone would buy milk, eggs and do their grocery shopping at walgreens, i thought that's what a supermarket was for esp being that there is one across the street. Anyways, next up is this annoying old lady with big hairspray hair, that needs to know the price of every single item before she pays being that she can't use her credit card and she only has X amount of cash on her. She made the line so much longer, and the wait even longer than before. she could not count either, which was bad, the guy was like look this all comes out to 20 something, you gave me 14. course her idiot friends walk in and she starts chatting, like wtf? Hello the line is long why don't you STFU and pay and then move on. She starts debating what to keep and what not to keep and then gives the guy 3 dollars. the guy is like lady its 20 something, you gave me 3 dollars, you're still short. No I gave you 14! Sigh. 14+7 does NOT equal 20. She asks her friends for 5 bucks and finally she's done. But NO! She stands there taking up space, chatting and complaining. Old wrinkled lady! MOVE! STFU and MOVE out of the way! No her old wrinkled bitter ass stands there still. The woman behind her, is another smaller older lady who is totally irritated at her for holding up the line, and the fact that she has one item.

By this point, they managed to open up another register in the cosmetics dept, ppl run there, i can't cause i'm blocked in by a bunch of old wrinkled ladies that smell like cheap perfume and roach spray. Then they say another register has opened at the photo area. The back half of the line runs and i'm still stuck. sigh. So the old lady is chatting away not moving still, I seriously hope the money I paid in taxes is NOT paying for their social security or medicad or medicare. Cause these people certainly do not deserve it.

The smaller older lady...omfg she was worse than the big hairspray lady. They scan in the item which says 3.99. The lady gets all mad and upset. NO! You're wrong! Its not 3.99! The guy checks the circular and says its not on sale, see not in circular. NO! You're wrong! I was here online, and the other lady scanned it and said it was 2.99! Its 2.99! OMFG! You're gonna argue over a dollar!? Are you serious?! First the old hairspray lady held up the line cause she couldn't do simple math. NOW you're gonna hold it up for a dollar?! What the hell is wrong with old people? Are they that cheap or stupid or rude? She went on about how it was 2.99. And so the other girl who was chilling by the register went to go look for the "sign" that stated it was 2.99 and no 3.99, which doesn't make a damn difference cause its a dollar and she had in her hand a 20. this over a dollar! She stood there demanding that they check it. waste more time. She even lied too, I was here on line and that other lady scanned it and said it was 2.99 (lie cause the registers were down and nothing was scanning) AND she claims that the manager came out and said it was 2.99 also. (another lie the manager was hiding in the back and the assistant manager came out) apparently this old lady was also racist, because if you were white and working there you were automatically assumed to be the manager. How rude. The manager was not white. The manager was surprise an indian guy, who finally came out of hiding. So rude old lady fighting over a dollar, if you're going to be a liar, at least do it right, and don't be so obviously racist.

So while they made the other girl look for the sign, i finally got to pay for my stuff and go. see i was a quick and fast purchase. i didn't want to be there a second longer. Course I was trapped again by the herd of old people chatting and complaining again. STFU and move out of my way you old hags before I push you and make you fall on your over done faces and over teased hair! I was mad cause not only did they NOT have my cheetos, they had a small bag which they wanted 2.49! WTF? I ended up walking to duane reede instead, where they had the same bag for .99 Sigh. i just wanted some damn cheetos! Was I really asking for that much?! So I ended up with a small bag of cheetos...and some easter candy that was on uber sale! At least the people at duane reede were somewhat smarter, they had 2 registers going.

hersey's kiss with vanilla creme filling...hmmm.....

I didn't know they made one with an orange flavor in it now. Worth trying it was 30 cents, so why not? The candy was super cheap so why not?

Russell stover wanted to get in on the action as well. They had a marshmallow egg...hmmm I wonder what that tastes like...

and of course the classic egg. I find this one to be too sweet, but since I'm probably only eat one this entire year why not? Course they ran out of the carmel and chocolate one.

You know I always put in some food pics in somehow. Anyways I'm off to be bad, off to try to be good, just off causing ruckus....

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Vanessa said...

I love these damn eggs! Ever since I was little! And gotta adore the Cadbury bunny! I hate when it gets too messy though...

MakeupByRenRen said...

ewwww that sounds like a trip from hell...sorry you had to go through that...i was actually talking about cadbury eggs the other day and how i wanted one, lol...i think i might stop by wal-greens today...and i wanted to check out to see if they had those new eco-brushes

Vanessa said...

Oh! And poo for stupid old ladies!

xppinkx said...

dude i have been on sugar hangover for like days ...i have eatin every one of those eggs and this morning i looked down and i grew another ass on the side of my leg..yeah on the hater thing...i hate when people say i love being hated on...who likes that crap!...and on another note like i said to FEI...this bitch needs save there time and copy and paste a whole hate message and use it over again...you have to use the rest of your puny braincells to apply lipgloss right!...bitches dont know how to HATE these days!...think girls think!

Fei said...

Gah. Doing some blog catch-up.

I LOVE Cadbury eggs! They're the one thing I look forward to every Easter.