Hauling around

so yesterday, in an attempt to get my sorry carcass out of the apt, and get some fresh air, i decided to go visit all the nice drug stores that were doing BOGO's. So i found out there was a Rite Aid nearby, hopstop said it was a 10 min walk. Lies! But i took a wrong turn and got lost, so i ended up walking the wrong way. Sigh. good to get some air. Walked back and found Rite Aid.

So Rite Aid was totally messy. they were moving stuff around and it was cluttered beyond belief! They did put the stickers up for the BOGOs they were having and such. One big disappointment was that they did NOT have the Cover Girl mascara I wanted. You know the big orange one, lash blast. Sigh. Course everything was messed up due to the damn teenagers rummaging through and trying to steal stuff. So sad. Anyways, I did manage to get 2 L'Oreal mascaras. which then made me think do I really need 2 L'Oreal Mascaras? Probably not. Now I'm debating if I should return them now. Sigh.

Then I looked at the L'Oreal foundation. I looked at their mineral foundation, as I thought it would be a nice alternative to the Bare Minerals I am using. Course it retails for $15 so its not really a good alternative price wise that is. Then I also picked up a true match powder compact thing, being that my Anna Sui one, for some reason I've gotten not as pale as I used to, so the powder is too pale now. Sigh....

The line at Rite Aid was bad too, this one indian guy was returning stuff, then wanted to buy other stuff and used 100 coupons for it. What's worse is that his credit card was getting declined repeatedly and the line got longer and longer. Finally one of his cards worked. Took him long enough. And by then they opened up another register, course by then I finally moved up. It was suppose to be BOGO, but instead it was like half off, which I'm not complaining since the half off the different prices, ended up being cheaper than the BOGO. Does that make any sense to you? Oh wellz I'm happy I guess.

Then after Rite Aid, I ventured to Walgreens, why? Cause I was looking for some Lysol wipes to clean off some dirty surfaces and I had a craving for Cheetos too. So I'm in Walgreens and guess what? I buy some Revlon Lip glosses. They didn't have the pink one I had wanted but I ended up picking up these two instead.

Yes, I promise to use a lip brush with these, I won't contaminate or screw up the color in these nice tubes. Though I think the sticker on the tubes makes it look really ghetto. Infact the store was kinda ghetto, they were taping up a lot of stuff so ppl couldn't steal and a lot of their beauty products were locked up behind a glass. ghetto! they didn't have cheetos, but they did have easter candy! Fudge! And Bunny Ears! Can you believe that?!

I went into a grocery store afterwards to get juice. crikey, that walgreens is in a ghetto like area. They were having a sale on cranberry juice, ocean spray course i look at the label, first ingredient, high fructose corn syrup, ewie. no juice? no thanks! read labels ladies!

I end up going to duane reede after this, damn i walked to about 3 different drugstores you know? got the wipes, got the big bag of cheetos that I've been craving. Then looked at the new make up displays. they need to get a new milani display. they didn't have any blushes, they had a bronzer/blush duo instead. go figure....

maybelline also had some new thing for the face, blush and some powder to make you glow. i snagged a $2 off coupon, and DR was selling them for 5.50 so i'm wondering if 3.50 is too much for blush. damn am i cheapie or what?

Also today, my Clinique package came. I bought lotion #2, and got 2 free samples, all about eyes, and another travel side #2 lotion. And yes I ordered 12 bucks worth of stuff from smashbox from their sale, that's one lipgloss, and i got 2 free samples as well. i'm such a sample whore....*will post those pics soon*

My SO is going to washington DC tom for work, asked me if I wanted to tag along, not sure since I've got this horrid headache, but then again what would I do in DC anyways?

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Vanessa said...

WOW! Awesome haul Jen! I say keep the telescopic mascara, I love them! Really lengthens and defines...

And WOW FUDGE Reese's!?? I am in heaven, now I am going on my lunch break to find that, LOL. I love chocolate.

Yeah usually when its buy one get on free they jack up the price on that one (damn advertising scams!), working in advertising sometimes it's easy to see why stores endorse their sales a certain way.

Haha you want a shirt? I say you make one with EtherealPrey on it and send it MY way, I got it off of vistaprint.com!